Thursday, January 10, 2013

Intelligent EYEfinity

Intelligent EYEfinity

I am
I am that that sees
I am beyond even that
I am creativity and I know that I exist
I am love
love is, and needs no explaining
love is faster than thought
thought is faster than light
light is fun when guided by love
love is better when guided by wisdom
light without love is just illusion
love without light still stands strong
this is why people close their eyes when they kiss
darkness can not ever stop love
nothing real can be threatened
you are always safe, and all threats are fears projected
follow your bliss, follow your innermost feelings,
shush the mind chatter and then think from the heart
nothing you dream of can be kept apart from you
unless you dream of violating someone else's free will
then you will meet karma
karma's a bitch
forgive yourself and other-selves and let karma go
and let others be what they will
your only task - and it should be no task at all - it should be fun - is to be you to the most authentic you you can be, at the pace that is right for you.
You will know it when you are doing it, because you will feel intense - JOY!
You will know when you are not doing it, because you will feel awful! Focus on the JOY, and you won't be led wrong.

Have fun!

- Blackout

High Low Magi of the Middle of the Side of the Great In-between and Keeper of the Thrice Holy Book of Stink


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