Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ultimate truth may be a feedback loop. Have You REFLECTED on IT?

EYE would say I am at a point of observance and action that is both a point inside and outside of this diagram of a feedback loop. It has been my experience through vigilante attention to everything I have experienced that what I call me is more of a conscious sacred geometry loop spiral that sees the individual and what others call the one, God, love, all, chi, energy, being, the force, or a hundred zillion billion other labels or names that attempt to grab what is beyond language. Thought is faster than light and being and feeling are faster than that and less labyrinthine. Ultimate truth may be a connected feedback loop so big (or so small or apparently infinite depending on your level of awareness and self reflection of your experience and observations) between what we call physical and non physical or scientific and spiritual or temporary and pure being, that most individual beings get trapped in their own loop or other's loops without ever recognizing it for what it is - a multi faceted multidimensional CONSCIOUSNESS loop that raises in frequency as one raises one's own vibration - or remains the same vibration or frequency if one never looks. Who has time to take a look at such things with 'modern life' and all its trappings. Well... more beings than you think. Many have, and it is the seeker's, philosopher's, and shaman's choice and role to look at such things with as much clarity and honest pure loving intent and wisdom as their being possesses through the use of their will in both the self and perceived separate other (which is both unique and mirror of self). Some people don't ever want to observe themselves that deeply so they put all of their energy and being into what they think is outside of them or the 'real reality of materialism'. This can trap one for ages, lifetimes, or for what seems like eternity or perhaps even dissolution since it is a self built consciousness or awareness prison or paradise, but is it actually a trap if one chooses it - even if that choice was made unconscionably by a lack of will or desire to look at oneself with the highest amount of clarity, love, and care possible to learn what oneself is before blindly accepting the status or story being given to the individual by the culture, place, or time and then passing that story on without ever even really taking a look at it for what it is - someone else's tale? Do you want to be only a and b forever and blindly accept someone else's story or do you want to become more than a, b, or any label? Do you want to become truly aware and beyond labels? This is the question I ask you. What is your reply? - Blackout

EYE see U ! Do U see me? Do U see U?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Intelligent EYEfinity

Intelligent EYEfinity

I am
I am that that sees
I am beyond even that
I am creativity and I know that I exist
I am love
love is, and needs no explaining
love is faster than thought
thought is faster than light
light is fun when guided by love
love is better when guided by wisdom
light without love is just illusion
love without light still stands strong
this is why people close their eyes when they kiss
darkness can not ever stop love
nothing real can be threatened
you are always safe, and all threats are fears projected
follow your bliss, follow your innermost feelings,
shush the mind chatter and then think from the heart
nothing you dream of can be kept apart from you
unless you dream of violating someone else's free will
then you will meet karma
karma's a bitch
forgive yourself and other-selves and let karma go
and let others be what they will
your only task - and it should be no task at all - it should be fun - is to be you to the most authentic you you can be, at the pace that is right for you.
You will know it when you are doing it, because you will feel intense - JOY!
You will know when you are not doing it, because you will feel awful! Focus on the JOY, and you won't be led wrong.

Have fun!

- Blackout

High Low Magi of the Middle of the Side of the Great In-between and Keeper of the Thrice Holy Book of Stink