Monday, July 23, 2012

Where Filmmaker's Dreams Begin - "A Trip to the Moon"

Wow, I entirely fell in love with the film Hugo. I was expecting crap. I guess you have to be a bit of a film buff or a filmmaker to really appreciate it or it could be boring. For me it had a very special personal appeal because the first film I ever saw when I was most likely a toddler was my grandfather's old old original copy of "A Trip to the Moon" or "Le voyage dans la lune" as it was originally titled by actor / writer / director Georges Melies. Just like in the movie, I watched it on very old 8mm film played on my Grandfather's old projector and screen.

I remember being bedazzled thinking, "that is magic.... how do the magic people get to do that? I want to do things like that.. I want to be a magic person," and so the spell began, and still continues.

- Blackout


  1. They've been playing Melies films on TCM on Sundays. 82 of his films are available here:


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