Thursday, April 5, 2012

What is LAW? What is Government? And HOW on EARTH did things get so backwards and confusing?

From my own experience and also during a documentary I was working on, I came to understand very clearly that most people have no idea what is really going on in courts (including myself in the beginning, though I am learning rapidly) and where / what LAW actually is and where it comes from, and the multiple types of law such as common law, trust law, maritime law, contract law, statute law, ect... and the roles of the  "players" in the court room. Most people just say "oh crap" and throw their hands up and call a lawyer out of fear or if they DO try and UNDERSTAND what is going on and challenge the 'system' they end up screwing themselves by not understanding something correctly and saying or putting themselves in stupid positions by allowing presumptions to steam roll over them or being intimidated by fear into incriminating themselves by willingly giving up their rights and their own freedom to some form of contract.

Law was never meant to get this petty where every single thing you do in your life has to have some code or statute that can get you arrested or require you to fill out this or that form or request this or that permission and ect ect on and on it goes. You KNOW this in your heart if you think about it, but most people are too frightened to do anything about it.  Where, when, and how did law get like this and go so off course from its role as a basic freedom protector of the people and arbitrator of public disputes in the common law of being free and respecting thy neighbors right to be free as well?

All of law is based on PRESUMPTIONS that most people don't understand, which causes them to give up their inherent natural personal sovereignty (the right of all free men and women to do whatever they want except bring harm to another man / woman / entity under god). Whatever the word god means to you - forget about religion here - in court it just means highest or higher than man authority (man being a sovereign authority under god who supposedly created or supercedes man who then went and created the law of man (of lower authority) including government and courts, which is lower than your sovereign inherent rights which are between you and the authority called god. If you are a little dizzy - re-read that a few times.

Government is UNDER the rights of men not ABOVE it, yet most people think in reverse and are confused and hoodwinked through some form of contract or trust presumption which they don't understand, in which they willing GIVE their power over to the government by forming a CONTRACT to do so in some manner.

This ABUSE must and WILL stop, and awareness must begin. To find out how powerful you are and that ALL government is YOUR servant and NOT vice versa as it seems now, you must trace the origins of law and how it derives its supposed power - very simply -from YOU WILLINGLY GRANTING it. PERIOD.

Understand that ALL police, judges, military, deputies, bailiffs, clerks, marshals, sheriffs, mayors, governors, congressmen, presidents, cia, fbi, ect ect ect and any and ALL other titles bestowed by government are ALL YOUR PUBLIC SERVANTS and TRUSTEES, and should you come upon someone in government  who does not LIKE or acknowledge the FACT that they are a PUBLIC SERVANT - you are dealing with someone who is ABUSING their power and TRUST - granted to them by YOU.

One does not have to pass the bar, or be a genius, or a rocket scientist to understand this, and many who do enter into law or pass the bar and become lawyers are unfortunately very blind folded themselves (again no offense to my lawyer friends) because the bar, lawyer, and legal system is set up in such a way as to keep law so confusing and obscure for it to be almost entirely and completely veiled in secrecy and confusion and blurry and incomprehensible to a regular person, but this SHOULD NOT be the CASE! Law SHOULD be understandable AND CAN be understandable by any man or woman, but such trickery has been built up over time in it just as such trickery has been built up around 'money' so that very few individuals actually take the time (or have the time - they are too busy on the hamster wheel or bs distractions) to research and study, let alone understand their power, rights, and the origins of law, money, title, commerce and property which are all intricately connected in a web. THIS IS BY DESIGN AND ON PURPOSE.

One has to go back past 11,000 years or more and see how this mess has built up over time - and how clear and simple it really is when you break down all the excess baggage and bullcrap that has built up to confuse you and divorce you from the understanding of who you truly are and what law and goverment truly is.

To those awakening out of the matrix to their authentic selves, to those who want a little more of the red pill - I highly recommend this video / audio series as a starting step to understanding just WTF is going on when you walk into a court. Understand LAW and  its various types and forms, courts, officers, sheriffs, lawyers, judges, trustees, public servants, jails, charges, circuits, discharges, rebuttles, affidavits, roles, rights, worth,  ect ect ect...:

This is like taking a college course, but is understandable with a bit of focus. Basically, there is always a triad or trinity in the courtroom, no matter how many people are in the courtroom the playing pieces or roles are very specific and the same three - an executor / beneficiary (you - although government would have you believe it is them), a trustee (public servant - the government) , and one other thing that is a little confusing at first but with a little further study becomes more understandable.

I will let you find this out for yourself if you wish to take the red pill. This series will also be available for free in the on demand videos section on my website under "Political Awareness" (also check out the Spiritual Awareness, Health Awareness, and Financial Awareness on demand video sections and listen to a prank or watch a comedy sketch to take a break when your head feels like it might explode, which can sometimes happen as you awaken.

Love, Light, Laughter, Kindness, Creativity & Abundance for ALL in ALL ways (freedom),

- Blackout AKA Michael Biggins

Special thanks to Dean Clifford for having the balls to really dig into this not only in theory but in practice and having the intense work ethic to make his efforts public and free.  I believe he is Canadian so there are some differences but it matters not, the principles are what matter and primarily the same in the United States and many other countries as long as they are not dictatorships (which this country has slowly been turning into through the abuse of law and trust).

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