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Money Is and Should be Easy to Understand But We Let Jabberwockys Control It and Us

The corporate media (except the internet) would have you believe that Ron Paul doesn't exist or is just some religious grandpa _______ (fill in the blank with your favorite extremist divide and conquer label) nut who has no chance - yet as far as I can see, he has been asking the same questions and his persuasiveness has not wavered. I'm going to show a clip from 12 years ago of him trying to get Alan Greenspan to answer some very basic accountability questions about the federal reserve and what it has been doing, and he makes a very clear analogy that if he as a doctor practiced medicine in the same manner that the federal reserve toys with the monetary system - his patient would be DEAD.

The first part of this video will be easily understandable by most people and Ron Paul's dialog will also be easy and intentionally clear and understandable. That is how things SHOULD be among honest men and women. Then listen to Greenspan.  Greenspan just answers with a bunch of stuttering gobbledygook loop de loop BS overly complex sounding Jabberwocky talk that will not be understood by most watching this because that is the nature of the fed's and all private bankers' game, but then Paul is not fooled, he sees right through it and cleans up Greenspan's babble with one very clear and distinct sentence:

"So it's hard to manage something you can't define."

Greenspan: "It is not possible to manage something you can't define."

BOOMO! - the pink elephant in the room appears! Greenspan has just admitted that his agency can't possibly do what it is 'supposedly' designed to do. Manage the people's money - because they have made it secretive, fiat, and undefinable. What the agency really does and what it was designed to do it does do very well  - flat out STEAL & ROB real value from individuals.

Here, watch for yourself:

When money (and without getting overly complex let's just call money a store of VALUE with value meaning something worth something to both you and at least one other individual - not debt as it currently is) is tied to a tangible agreed upon thing (gold, silver, butter sticks, shells, lobster heads, jewels, sneakers... it doesn't matter but gold and silver and jewels have been used the most) by the people trading it - it is measurable and definable and accountable because it simply represents a unit of value that is agreed upon and used as the medium for barter rather than direct barter itself. SIMPLE. PERIOD.  I give Joe fisherman 5 silver coins for some of his fish and he accepts it rather than me bartering directly with him by making him a fish commercial with my director skills and camera equipment because right now I need fish, Joe doesn't need a commercial, and a third individual - Sarah Boater, sells boats that Joe Fisherman needs, but Sarah doesn't currently need fish but will take an amount of silver coins for one of her boats and use it for something she needs - maybe wood from Robby Woodcutter. It all works out because the REAL creators ARE the traders and agreed on it openly with no secret middle men manipulating it.

PEOPLE, (actual people not corporate persons) in going about their free lives of self determination, decide to use silver or seashells or pearls or gold coins as MONEY and the WHOLE thing is PUBLIC and ACCOUNTABLE at any time (the item used as a store of value instead of direct barter) so you can conduct PRIVATE and PUBLIC trade using a knowable definable and tangible thing. It's really not that hard to understand nor should it be, and those who DO try to scam are easily detected if things are kept OPEN and boy do they pay dear consequences (usually death back in the day when fraudsters were easily caught). When how money works, is issued, and is manipulated and controlled is kept SECRET and UNACCOUNTABLE as it is now, where these small groups of fraudsters have WON the Monopoly game, but like an evil little brother who doesn't want the game to end because he likes the feeling of power at the Monopoly endgame and knows if it FULLY ends, all the pieces go back in the Monopoly box and he doesn't have his hotels, fake money, fake power, and fake property anymore... so he says, "ummm you don't have to pay rent this time, you can just do _____" and has fun toying with his own form of Monopoly welfare until you finally get so annoyed you bitch slap him and knock the whole game board off the table. That's about where we are now, and that's a good thing because by knowing what we don't want from going through it, we can now better know what we want and DO something about it, and not let greedy psychopaths run the board.

WARNING: PG-13 warning but I think this video gets the point across rather well:

Starting to get it? Let's review once more. In the first video in this blog (play it again after reading this) you'll hear a lot of babble from Greenspan about monetary aggregates, proxies, banking industry expansion, that they (the federal reserve) believe in sound money, but wait no they don't, or wait no - they don't what it is, no wait they don't care... then you'll hear more babble about liquidity structures, the terms  m1, m2, m3, mzm, m&ms, peanut m&ms, eminem, and other crapolah and you will most likely be completely lost and thinking, "WTF!!??" to yourself  (which is exactly Greenspan's intention - to befuddle and confuse) as you listen if you know nothing of how the monetary system really works, so just like how they had to pass out a flyer with a mini dictionary on it before the opening of DUNE (a mess of a movie that has some very very good ideas that are much better conveyed in the books), here is your monetary dictionary to better understand the above video:

But let me help out and break it down:

Basically, in the 1st clip (remember 12 years ago, it was 2000), Ron Paul is saying Allen Greenspan should resign, because he was around when money was sound and definable, and now his policies have been to make it fiat, and undefinable, and it is clearly not working (no fiat money ever has), not definable, not accountable, secretive, very advantageous to some and very hurtful to others, and Greenspan, after a lot of stuttering hodge podge talk - agrees, but doesn't care because he is in on the secret advantage side. It's like he's playing Stratego or Battleship against you and he gets to see all your pieces before playing but you don't get to see his, and he acts as if he hasn't seen your pieces and doesn't know, but he does. Who do you think is going to win in that rigged game? Him, and guess what, unless you stand up and call the game foul - unless you look into things and declare that you will no longer play a rigged game, there is no one to blame but yourself. They only derive their power because YOU gave it away to them willingly - even if you did it unconsciously.

Several years later in yet another interview, Greenspan openly admitted that the Federal Reserve (and I really don't even think the federal reserve deserves getting capitalization) is an independent agency, above all governments, and that  no one and no thing can overrule actions that it takes. Not any government, not any president., and he doesn't say it but he implies especially not you - the individual person living life among these 'agencies'. He's wrong though, and his arrogance and the arrogance of all of his cohorts will be their downfall. He went as far as to say that what the relationships between the federal reserve and presidents  don't matter because no one can do anything about anything they do! What you talking about Willis?!  Don't believe me? Here he is in his own words, with the EXACT wording transcribed:

Now please PAY ATTENTION (literally because you have and are PAYing in CASH and TIME for NOT PAYing ATTENTION:

"REPORTER: What is the proper relationship... what should be the proper relationship between a chairman of the Fed and a president of the United States?

GREENSPAN: Well, first of all, the Federal Reserve is an independent agency. And that means basically that, uh, there is no other agency of government which can overrule actions that we take.

So long as that is in place, and there is no evidence that the administration, the Congress or anybody else is requesting that we do things other than what we think is the appropriate thing, then what the relationships are don't frankly matter.

I've had very good relationships with presidents."

Now we have Ben Bernake instead of Allen Greenspan, but the rigged game is the same, only now we have actually seen the bubbles pop that were spoken about in these videos.

Bernake is just another greedy clown mime doing the bidding of his masters (not fellow man) in return for lots of cash, but now the double speak doesn't work so well anymore and people are waking up and are not so distracted by all the clowns juggling and distraction. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three thrice, enough shame and blame - time for a new non rigged game.

JFK knew what was going on in secrecy and he tried to warn us about it:


He was killed for this. Are you going to turn your head and look the other away, and keep the chains on, or are you going to wake up and stand up for your freedom and move onward and past the age of bozos?

Only YOU have the POWER to make the decision for YOURSELF. No one can do it FOR YOU.

When people like YOU DECIDE not to blindly follow what's around, the house of cards will come down, and new and real freedom created from within - from individuals - from YOURSELF - will finally be found. 

- Blackout

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