Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How You CAN Be Happy - An Open Letter to Weary Souls Looking for Help, Hope, Rest, Kindness & LOVE

I suggest that as you read this, you listen to this piece of music (right click open in new window or download it first and then play it and continue reading) :

There are many tired souls. They look for answers but are weary. Can you help a weary soul today? Can you help someone smile for a moment, because all there is - is the moment, so if you can help them shift for just that one wee little bit, maybe, just maybe, they might have an AHA! moment of how to do it consciously on their own, and even if they don't, what's the worst you have done? You brought some joy where it was clouded, and I say clouded because joy is ALWAYS present - but we distance ourselves from it and complicate things by letting worry hold the reigns of our life. Maybe the weary soul is you? Can you lighten up on yourself? I say you can.

I admire many Buddhists' tenants - with the most important ones being the concepts of "right thinking" and "do no harm".  I do not subscribe to the idea that LIFE IS SUFFERING.  Life here on earth is ALL things, and yes, it can be mostly suffering when you are running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to live YOUR life by OTHERS rules of what life is supposed to be - or that most dreaded of all words...NORMAL. Normal is the most UN normal thing there is!

Have you ever noticed that there are some places where people are happy and trusting? Where doors are left unlocked and bicycles tilt against trees without big chains around them and don't get stolen - where children play without paranoid parents glancing all about in fear. The reason you have areas where things are peaceful and joyful, whether they be small little country towns or whole states or entire countries where you can leave your door unlocked or your bike against a tree and walk peacefully without fear of loss or harm is not because that area is specifically any safer than any other area.  The difference is in the INDIVIDUALS who make up that community and HOW THEY THINK and TRUST EACH OTHER.  In SAFE areas, people are not indoctrinated slaves with beliefs of violence, scarcity, fear, division (whether by race, religion, status, money, or fill in the blank).

People in safe areas tend to have inner peace and whether they have an iq of 7 or 167 the big difference is internally. Those individuals care about their neighbors as they do themselves.  There is a Mayan greeting which would be our version of, "hello," that roughly translates in English into "hello other self," or "hello other me." Here in the U.S. so many have bought into the constant hypnotic bombardment of TV shows and news of fear, separation and scarcity and to "lock your doors," cause a big bad monster is out there coming to get you and "killers are right among you in your very neighborhood," and so on and so on and so on. It's FEAR tactics at it's very worst.

Anyone who has bought into that paranoia will their lives in fear and suffering and most likely inflict that on those around them, but we, those who know better, must help them as best we can. It's the old saying:

Forgive them, for they know not what they do. 

They didn't know any better and fell into fear and those who do know better are manipulating them by using what they know for evil - to spread more fear so they can have more control. It is an addiction to them.

Well WE who DO know better as well and yet do NOT seek CONTROL of others need to step up to the plate and help those who are caught up in the hypnotic mess of fear! We don't need to do this through force. We don't need to join a group or protest. We don't need to go and kill the manipulators although we may have to remove soe of them from government and pull the curtains back and shine some light on how they operate. We need to do it with love, a smile, a chuckle, and gently. We really need to just be our authentic selves, and show others that they have the power to do the same.

When you go to a peaceful area - people their usually don't even WATCH the news presented on mass media, and if it's on they chuckle and turn it off. They get their news from actually INTERACTING WITH EACH OTHER!  They recognize manipulation and poppycock for what it is and they also recognize  love, peace and joy for what it is and they choose it!  Right here, right now.  In peaceful communities, it isn't some weird form of utopia or creepy cult where everyone has to be the same - it's very simple, it's CARING! If someone falls down, whether you know them or not, you help them! Someone walks by and says, "sir or ma'am" are you alright? And they help that person up. Just like you would want to be helped up if you fell down or got hurt.  Kindness. Caring. They are more than words. People with kindness and caring in their heart don't walk past others in suffering and ignore it like so many worried people do in the big cities, and they certainly don't push or wish more hurt on the person who fell by thinking something along the lines of, "idiot, can't even walk," or "what a bum, well I gotta get to work."

No. They do not do that. They help, as best they can, and they realize they are helping themselves in the process. When one person of the community gets hurt or suffers a loss, we all do, and when one person experiences a triumph or a great joy - we all experience it. We are ALL helped, and we all cheer for them, not snicker under our breathes in jealousy, for when we cheer for someone else's joy we are cheering for the inherent joy in all of us, and when we condemn, we are really condemning only ourselves because we believe we lack something - and that is what causes jealousy and greed. 

In good communities, when an individual suffers a loss that is a bit too big for them to handle alone, they don't rely on insurance companies or government to come in and fix things. No! Neighbors come together and pitch in and help, and they feel good in doing so because they see their neighbors as themselves, not as competition, and they know that their neighbors would help them if they were in need. That is what the human family is, but some of us have become so blinded to it.  People helped each other out LONG before government or State Farm! Why can't we do it now?


In America most have been trained that more for you is less for me, when the opposite is true. More for your neighbor is MORE for you!  The more I help people, the more love, light and laughter that I bring into people's lives, the more joyful MY life gets! The more awakening, the more awareness, and the more harmony and joy I feel as well - because we are all connected, and I have helped my brother or sister, and in seeing their spirits lifted up, so is my own, and I cheer for them, I cheer for me, I cheer for us ALL.

I know how the day to day dribble of trying to be 'normal' can wear people down, and I'm a young man, but once I was filled with suffering, filled with hate for this world, filled with worry, and I felt isolated and separated. I felt that no one understood me and that the world was just a cold place. I felt like I did not belong here. Like an alien from another planet. This world was a pain in the ass about chasing money to survive and getting a high score to show off how you stomped over someone else and I just wasn't interested. I was wrong though. I was misguided. I didn't have a good teacher. I didn't have this kind of knowledge that you are reading about right now, so I became isolated and severely depressed for a very very long long time.

I suffered, and I suffered, and I suffered some more. They tried to put me on meds. Meds are like throwing rocks in your brain.  If you are depressed, and I slam you in the head with a shovel - guess what - you are not going to be depressed for a bit because the shock of the shovel hitting your skullface is going to suddenly bring you to the PRESENT MOMENT and out of your mind trip of worry caught up in the mistakes and regrets of the past and future.  Did I cure you? No, I probably pissed you off though, but guess what, anger is a step up from apathy or depression - it's just that most people then just get stuck in anger or slide back down to apathy. They don't take the steps needed to get past their head trip and into the now and DECIDE to be happy.  Once you DECIDE, you may SLIDE back from time to time, but you will never fully fall back in as deep, because you will have left yourself markers to guide you back out of your own holes that you dug and might still dig from time to time.

Their is a spiritual inner REASON people get depressed - because it is their entire inner being telling them they are not being their authentic selves, and not LIVING and expressing their joy fully and freely, so they start to recongnize the cage of society that they are in but they can't quite express it, they can't quite put their finger on it, and so they feel trapped, and when you feel trapped and think trapped thoughts, you ARE going to feel bad, because it is in our very nature to be free, and those awful feelings are your indicator to CHANGE SOMETHING in your life! That change has to start with your THINKING for anything else to really stick.

Something, something in the core of my being knew this wasn't right, this wasn't what life was supposed to be. Wait! What's that thought?  Maybe I DID have a good teacher after all! Maybe suffering was my teacher. I had that thought, and I thought to myself, SCREW IT. I'm done with this. I'm either going to kill myself or get over this horrible feeling, but I'm doing SOMETHING and I am making a choice now. I came very close to suicide, but an inner voice and guidance knew that was no answer, and that if I did that, I would most likely just loop de loop back around into the same mess or worse.  So I decided no matter what the cost (other than physically harming others or their property) that I was going to live life on MY terms, in MY way, how I wanted to, and follow the joy of just being ME and doing what I love WHEN I want to do it, on MY own schedule, not someone else's.

I started relaxing more, I started  creating more and being more of who I really am at the very core of my being. I started laughing and laughing a hell of a lot more and I stopped getting so caught up in labels or caring what others thought of me or if they 'approved' of my new perspective or way of being. I am a being of love, light and laughter. I am an actor, a lover, a writer, a thinker, a poet, a prankster,  an inventor, a trickster, a chef, a director, a photographer, an editor, an animal lover, a roller coaster rider (and maker) and a billion other labels, but above all, I am me - a unique creator and an appreciator of all of creation.

At first - those around me didn't know what to make of it, or me, because they were still locked into their little boxes, but as I expanded, I noticed I started meeting more and more free spirits such as myself, and even people who I met who were in jobs that I would never want to do - I found them to now be different type of people, and that many of them actually loved something that I presumed surely everyone must hate! As my consciousness and awareness expanded, my bliss and joy expanded exponentially.

That's the trick of suffering. You only have to suffer long enough to understand that YOU DON'T HAVE to SUFFER.
YOU cause it, not the world, and YOU can end it when you make the CHOICE to. To what? To be and spread and notice joy starting from within.  You don't have to croak to get some peace. You don't have to transition into the frequency outside of life on earth to get some rest or be happy.  Some people actually croak and TAKE suffering with them when they transition because they are so very very attached to that frequency and consciousness survives death of the physical vehicle you call your body.  I know that, but I can't MAKE you know that, you have to experience it for yourself, and you don't have to kill yourself to do it.

I highly suggest reading author Robert Monroe's "Journey" trilogy of books on out of body experiences. They are fascinating, because they come from a man who did not believe with even one ounce of his being that the sort of thing that happened to him (popping out of your body) to be possible. He was a scientist, yet it happened to him, and at first he thought he was crazy, and he sought the help of a psychologist, but then, as his journeys out of his body continued to happen,  he finally decided to deal with it and he treated it as he was trained to do - as a scientist, and studied and learned from it as much as he could, so that he could help both himself and others understand it better so people wouldn't be in FEAR if it happened to them, and the books that he wrote are brilliant in that they are written as scientific journals and not in a new age fluffy way that turns many people off who are more logical / left brain dominant types.

He combines science and spirituality and shows that they do not have to be opposed to each other as polar opposites like they are now. Science and spirit can be friends. They can and should meet.

The books:

Journeys out of Body

Far Journeys

Ultimate Journey

I consider those three to be some of the best in my library of thousands of books. I would also highly recommend:


That would be for the more intuitive / right brained inclined being. I find myself being both logical and intuitive, but I tend to trust my intuitive sense more and feel more connected to it as I have seen how my logical mind can OVER analyze and loop de loop itself into worry, but I don't allow that anymore because I recognize it right when it starts, and I cut it off before it turns into an out of control whirlpool. I have made the CHOICE to be happy and spread joy to others to the best of my ability. So again this book may not be your cup of tea if you are purely a materialist and do not believe in meditation, life after death (or life after life as I like t call it) or channeling, or a soul or spirit, but I say it can still be valuable to you regardless of your current belief system. Pay attention to the information and concepts, and you can not help but to be blown away or at least raise an eyebrow - whether or not you believe in the methods the writers used or the source. Some truth will either resonate with you or it will not.

In any case, and in any way your path leads, I wish you, everyone in the world, and all beings everywhere (and nowhere) lightness of being, peace, joy, love, laughter, creativity and abundance. You are currently in a human body with a human mind, and it can get very entangled in crap just as a computer can get viruses that slow it down, but you can reprogram yourself for peace and joy. This is not just fluff talk. You really can do it! I know from personal experience, and while my way of doing it is unique to me, the methods are universal to all.

Everything does not have to be a fight. You don't have to go through so much drudgery just to get flickers of happiness. You can rid yourself of the viruses of the mind.  Life can and is meant to be fun and joyous most if the time, with little challenges here and there to provide contrast and excitement and growth to our creative abilities, love, and imagination. If we didn't have contrast and challenges, we would just be stagnant. Imagine a movie with no drama or challenge? Would you want to watch a 3 or 4 hour movie of people in white suits in a white room listening to the same notes on a white piano? Blech! No, we have COLOR! We have darkness and light, and we have the ability to create whatever we want as we choose our own path. We are our origins and we are our destinies - and we are infinities withing infinities.

Let me not get to spacey, and let's get back to the very practical challenge of how to get yourself back on track, or at least to some relief, when you are in pain or suffering of any kind.

Whatever the challenge may be that starts you down a vortex of sadness, sorrow, pain, loss, guilt, shame, or isolation - it's all the same, and it matters not what the thing is that made you feel this way. What matters is what are you going to do to feel better? Here is what I suggest:

I suggest thinking from the heart when your mind starts its bickering and mind chatter and makes you worry about this or that trivial affair and suffer again.  Your mind and ego and old programming may trick you and lie to you for a bit because of the negative programming, but your heart will never lie. It is connected to higher source.  It is connected to ALL THAT IS. You can connect to that higher source, you in actuality always are connected, but you have the illusion that you are not when you are in fear and you close up your faucet to love so to speak.  You can CONSCIOUSLY connect to ALL THAT IS and be in the moment - the present - the here and NOW, and be in bliss if you so choose to do so.  Some of you may say, "no! That's a load of crap from weirdo hippie people! I can't possibly do that I am about to be kicked out of my house and have my car repossessed and you don't know my mother and what she did to me and blah de blah de blah," but those are just excuses. Those are just ways your negative ego mind lies to you and fools you by justifying your reasons to suffer.

I will prove to you that you CAN stop that crap and tap into absolute and total love, joy, and creative bliss.   You have done it many times, but as you grew older, many of you forgotten those magical childhood moments of exploring a forest with friends, or your first kiss, or playing games. PLAY! Do you remember play? Sure you do... but maybe you think you can't do that anymore - that you're an adult now, with responsibilities, and the time for childhood joy and fun has passed you by.

I will prove you wrong RIGHT now.


Laughter. That's how.

Laughter is a love machine gun. Laughter is play. Laughter is childhood bliss returned.  Laughter is an epileptic fit of love and joy that can't be stopped!

I don't care HOW your mind is chattering on. I don't care how BAD your situation or life circumstances seem to you right now and how much your mind might be trying to justify why you are fucked and life sucks.  If you have laughed in your life, you can be healed.  You HAVE experienced the bliss of the universe.

So very simply, for those who don't want to go further, go find the funniest thing you can right now and laugh, and I dare you to try and worry or be miserable about whatever it is you are miserable about while you are laughing. YOU CAN'T. It's IMPOSSIBLE!

But the laughter LEAVES you say, and then I'm back to the sadness, the depression, the worry, the world.

OK. Fair enough argument. Well the next time that happens, try this:

Take three deep breathes, close your eyes, and place yourself outside of yourself for a moment as an observer of your own self, as if you were watching you in a movie. Say to yourself, "oh, look at me with my little drama going on over there with my petty stuff with the condo board or my job or the argument with my friend that I am making into such a huge deal. Wow! blah blah. Heh. So silly!"  Then place your concentration in your heart area and think of something, anything, and what the thing you think of will be unique to YOU but I call them triggers - it could be a thought of gratitude for something, or something that you love dearly (try to keep it something in the present, like a flower you like or a pet that is ALIVE or a roller coaster or park or place or smell or taste you love - and not on something in the past that you MISS and think you have lost) or you could focus on something right in FRONT of you RIGHT now that makes you happy or glow. We all have them, all you have to do is ALLOW them.  It could be a pet, it could be a friend or lover, it could be a tree or something in nature, or it could be suddenly seeing ART and BEAUTY in the dirty crack in the sidewalk. 

I can't tell YOU what YOUR trigger is. YOU have to find it, but we all have many, and when you find yours, and you will - you will have an AHA! moment, and that is the magic that you must experience for yourself. That is the magic that I cannot put into words here, but the words that I CAN write CAN guide you towards it.

The magic is the moment of being here, in the NOW, in the present, and really FEELING all the feelings that words like peace, love, and joy hint at, but don't capture because they are just symbols for the experiences - they are not replacements for the experiences themselves. Just like a book on sex is not sex! 

Your inner guidance system, your navigator or internal compass so to speak, it knows this truth.  It is only your untrained or out of control mind that is always worried about the future or past and fools you into buying into the "poor me I'm a sufferer," game. You need to take the reigns of your mind and DIRECT your THOUGHT.

Once you get the AHA! moment once - you WILL remember it, and you can practice it.  You don't need to be a monk and sit in a cave for years  - unless that's what you really WANT to do.  Enlightenment and peace can be right here, right now, and as a matter of fact it IS right HERE, right NOW, but will you ALLOW IT IN? WILL YOU CHOOSE IT? That is the only question there really is, and that is the only decision you ever really have to make in ANY situation. Will you follow your bliss? Only YOU know the answer. I hope you choose wisely. I trust and have faith in you.

Love, Light Laughter, Kindness, Creativity & Abundance for ALL beings ALL-ways,

- Blackout -


  1. You ALWAYS know exactly what to say when I need it most. Namaste


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