Friday, April 20, 2012

Are True Crime, Murder, and Rape Shows Good For You? I Don't Think So.

I think these 'true crime stories' type of shows are a kind of sick addiction. My mom and a few other people I know watch these things non stop. Horrible gruesome true crime stories on the whatever network that plays nothing but that 24/7. I'll see her by the TV and hear, "then after the police found her skull in pieces, they found her arms in the attic, but the fingers weren't there. Where were they? Somewhere even more terrible." Then cut to commercial break for antidepressants. Seriously! This is real documentary stuff and then my mom (and a few others) have severe depression and sleeping problems and nightmares and you WONDER why!?!? 

Now, I LOVE haunted house stuff in movies or etc but I keep my scares fun. I am not interested in hearing about someone's torture on and on. If someone is in trouble I help and if they need to talk and tell a tale I'll listen but once and that's it - let's fix it and move on. But these shows... the terror of the event repeated over, and over - it's like they are programming the fear of the event into people and making it happen ALL over again, and again, and depressed people FEED on it. I can't imagine how the families can allow it. I'm no church lady but I think the shit is really bad for you. Turn off the news. Turn off those crappy reality and death reenactments. Put on "I'm Walking on Sunshine," dance around and GO OUTSIDE for the love of Platypus!

- Blackout


That's the only scare that interests me. Call Beetleguise or something if I scare you.

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