Monday, March 19, 2012

Materialist VS Consciousness - What are we?

We are quantum waves of consciousness perceiving collapsed possibilities of our intent as a holographic reality - even the best scientific minds in the world are finding that now and being able to scientifically prove it. Go research M theory (no it's not Michael theory but it's close). Go watch The Quantum Activist. Let me see you call Dr. Amit Goswami, Ph.D a quack (some of you addicted to your Madonna material world will). He has every degree in the world and a mind filled with the intelligence of all the greats and he USED to be a materialist but realized it just doesn't WORK. You can't be a materialist reductionist - it NEVER WORKS out as a whole and there are always huge gaping issues. This is not to say it does not have use for local physical events like building a building but remember you had to THINK about building a building before taking the ACTION to DO IT.  There are two ways to look at things in life:  1> that some random real tangible touchable material shit that must have a smallest piece (of which the final smallest lego block has NEVER been found by the way - only empty void mostly) randomly came from random nowhere and randomly bumped about in such a way to randomly by chance form and design all that exists with a built in program of self improvement (by chance again). Does that not seem ridiculously impossible to you? Why doesn't your body just dissolve into chaos right now? Everything else in the world of such complexity we DESIGN and make. The other way to look at life is: 2> that ALL there is is consciousness, awareness, being-ness, experience, and that it is all connected as ONE whole IS that forms different matrices and frequencies that we experience as different separate things but of which nothing is ACTUALLY separate! This earth is just a particularly dense frequencies interpreted and collapsed from waves of possibilities into seemingly separate tangible individual events by our holographic perception of it - but the perception can be shifted just as you shift a radio station your tuned into by turning the nob, changing the frequency, and TUNING into something else. Just as you don't see all the millions of cell phone conversations and radio stations that are ALL AROUND YOU RIGHT NOW - so are there infinite dimensions, entities, universes, experiences, that you are just not TUNED into right now. Because you don't see or experience them right now does NOT mean they are not present or true right now. They are merely not present or true in YOUR filtered experience right now because of how you have programmed your brain which is actually more of a cigarette filter than a processor as many believe.  Ok.. rant over, go back to playing video games and getting flu shots.

 - Michael Biggins / Blackout / & the Thrice Great Okapi Crew 2012 -