Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You Don't Write the Rules For Someone Else's House - Only Your Own!

You do not write the rules for how your hosts run their house. This is a big issue. Most people, even if they live in their own physical house, are living in a larger unseen house we know as 'society' or 'the world' designed by hypnotic mind games of people who KNOW things and are trying to run the house, and the saying, the HOUSE always wins, applies here. So stop living in the HOUSE of the WORLD, and live in your own house, of your own design, of your own creation, with your own rules that come from within you.

Stop being a GUEST in someone else's house, and start being the HOST of your house, and your world, and your universe, and when you invite others in, they will KNOW, and when you go in someone else's house, YOU will KNOW. Think on this. When you go into someone else's house you generally follow their rules. Some people don't like you to keep your shoes on. Some people ask you not to put a drink on the table without a coaster, or to not bring food into the living room, and unfortunately, in the bigger picture in all this, some people want to absolutely control you unconsciously in every moment of your being - but they can only do this if you willingly allow it. If you enter their house. WAKE UP! Create and run your own house. There is NOTHING to fear! There is EVERYTHING TO GAIN! FLY!!! FLY!!!!!!!!!!!

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