Monday, February 6, 2012

The Simple Complex Nature of Silly God & Religion Fights

A Fundamentalist Christian - Also known as an idiot, yet also God too!
God = all = energy = prana = chi = everything = you are a filter of everything BUT you through which you/God perceives the illusion of a separate you that is this personality - this life, which is illusion and real at the same time and highly filtered by frequency and your belief system filters. As you open up your frequency you experience more of infinite infinite. There is also void, but this is not nothing. I don't buy the Buddhists suffering religion either though I like a lot of Buddhism, they make a desire out of having no desire, but everything else is pretty dead on. I have evolved so much further from when I posted this silly first post that it blows my mind this thread is still going 4 years later. Religions are mechanisms of control - middlemen who claim to be the gate keepers of your experience of God. What you believe you will perceive as your mind - not separate from the all - will attract and filter your experience according to your programming. If you were programmed Christian you most likely will believe that system, if you were programmed Hindu you would believe in Krishna. If you were programmed Muslim in Allah and if you were programmed Jewish -Yahweh. It's all the same, just different factions claiming they are right and KNOW it and everyone else is gonna be in for some big trouble. It's the silliest thing in the world. The other end of the spectrum is believing in the religion of Science, which can become as ridiculous and as condemning and attacking as religions! Or, you get so fed up with the whole thing that you proclaim yourself an atheist - which is hysterical because you are saying you absolutely KNOW there is NO God, which is like a Kangaroo that can speak saying, "I'm absolutely SURE Kangaroos do NOT exist! I KNOW it I just KNOW it!" 

How about throwing all that old programming or reaction stuff out the window and programming yourself? Experiencing what you would call God/You/All/Is in your OWN way - not how some group, parent, church, or book told you? Or proclaiming in your masterful wisdom that you don't exist!

God is here right now - in this sentence. Are you reading this? Are you having an experience? Hey, guess what, you just experienced GOD! Oh, I'm sorry, were you expecting more? Can you see and feel it, or do you think it's only in YOUR holy book or some big flashy light show with orgasmic explosions of joy?  God CAN be that too, but EVERYTHING is God. How about just forgetting the word God because it screws everyone up. I like to call it the Thrice Great Okapi, or the GREAT SILLY OF LUTCHENBERRY!

I do not separate God / All / Is / Energy / Sound / Frequency / Chi / Dreaming / Being / ISness / IAM / OM / AUm / ALLness / ONEness / VOID / Paradox / Thrice Great Okapi from individuality. As I said being both a part and all at the same time, there is no creator to blame or to praise, there is only IS, which you are all of and part of depending on which frequency / filter / dimension / programming you are at / using / experiencing at any given point.

If there is to be anything - there is to be all things, for if there is only perfection, it is not perfect, because it has nothing imperfect anywhere else for which to be compared to or to even have the conception of perfection - it would just be IS - which would be perfect - but not called perfect or perceived as perfect as we humans with our language mines/minds  see or experience perfect. Get it?  For us, we need something imperfect in order to call something perfect - but the combination of BOTH is really what is perfect, not one or the other, because they are intertwined. Without this experience deep in the sailing seas of paradox, what one now calls perfection would still be void - abyss... writing on a black chalk board with black chalk, or a white chalk board with white chalk. This could be perfect too, but most entities wouldn't get it.

Contrast and polarity and apparent paradoxes allow creativity and free will in ALL directions which gives infinity finite shapes and allows new stories. To blame or praise something external is ridiculous. To give constant thanks to ALL that is and gratitude to other-selves and your experience - is to better create the experience you PREFER. 

For free will to be - misery must be as well, but you only need as much suffering as you need to see you don't need suffering anymore, and then you can chuck it out the door. It's so simple but people need to make it so difficult. More challenges will come because nothing is static - all changes - even the void changes - or this world / dimension / frequency / dream experience would not be here or happening to you. 

I don't buy into the Course in Miracles or other text's interpretations that this world / experience / hologram is all some big terrible mistake we have to escape from to get back to the true nature of God. There are no mistakes, only stories, dreams, choices, and experiences. NOW NOW NOW, not then, not future - NOW. Forever now. Can you make choices while being detached from the lust of result? Can you adapt without being offended when you get thrown curve balls? How long will it take you to be PRESENT?

Hint: You already are, but you may are not be AWARE of it. To be AWARE and PRESENT in your present is heaven - here, and now. To be unaware is still to be present, but to be in an unaware hell on robotic automaton hamster wheel mode. 

So religious people, if you REALLY want to buy into that stuff go ahead, you have a right to be enslaved and hypnotized and controlled if you want to, but please stop trying to convert others and stop fighting others and defending your religion.  Just do it in your house on your own time and I promise you I won't get in your face telling you that you are going to die or go to some eternal fema camp torturous place run by fire Nazis.  Scientists, keep on keeping on - I know you guys are scratching your head right now when all the experiments are melting and teleporting away into a hologram.  Science will soon have to meet spirit, and hopefully they will be friends, but religion's time is done now.

Love, Light, Laughter, Kindness, Creativity, & Abundance ALL ways,

- Blackout -

(This text is an excerpt from the Most Holy Thrice Great Book of Stink)


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  2. per your...

    How about throwing all that old programming or reaction stuff out the window and programming yourself? Experiencing what you would call God/You/All/Is in your OWN way - not how some group, parent, church, or book told you? Or proclaiming in your masterful wisdom that you don't exist!

    I have seen the light. I think.

    That said, please see the newly revised, and then please let me know if you see what I see and I am seeing what you see?



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