Friday, January 20, 2012

Embrace the Unknown, OPEN your BOX of reality!

The reality you live in is a fortressed box of your own design. This is not good nor bad, but can feel as such to you, depending on your point of perspective. Whether you are aware of this or not makes no difference. It is still there. Your brain will viscously defend these fortress walls to the bitter end, filtering experiences and only granting entrance to what YOU have programmed 'your box' to allow. Should something slip through, past that guarded gate, it will not be hailed as an amazing wonder, but usually an invader to be repelled or expelled. Now you know why, should the day come you see something right before your eyes far beyond what you believe possible, you may react in a totally unexpected manner. If you ever find yourself there, whether by chance or persistence, heed this: DELIGHT in the uncertain, EMBRACE the unknown, SEIZE YOUR MOMENT. Hold Fast! And above all, DON'T PANIC!

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