Sunday, January 1, 2012

Twas the Morning After Drunkenness

"Twas the Morning After Drunkenness"

Twas the morning after Drunkenness, and all were awake
cleaning up all the crap, throwing out stale cake.
And now it's all over ,and what have we left?
Some old Christmas trees, massive credit card debt?
One lady I'm told, got decked in the face
for not having the item a coupon did state
would make someone happy, placed under a tree
when happiness of course, comes not materially.
It comes from within, from deep in the heart,
you don't need a Lamborghini, or Pokemon to take part.
Now I'm not saying that those things, are evil or bad,
But if you think joy's only from stuff, well that's pretty sad,
because then you are one of them, the zombie consumers
who keep buying stuff to fill holes in in spirit tumors
It isn't the stuff, that really makes you smile,
it's what is in you, what you've had all the while.
So try and remember, YOU carry your own honey
deep within your heart, not in your wallet with money
and then you can have all the things that you want
because you don't need them, it's an ironic taunt
but once you do get it, and surely you will
EVERY day is a holiday, EVERY moment a thrill!

- Blackout

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