Monday, January 9, 2012

Oh, the Women You'll Know!

If Dr Seuss wrote a book on women:

"Oh, the Women You'll Know!"

Oh all you women with your complications
more confusing and illusive than treaties of nations!
You can't push too hard, you can't tug too light,
you have to do everything perfect...just right.
One minuscule step, and you've gone too far!
Don't show any pep and you're no longer her star,
and all this for what? A kiss and a tumble?
Some pulling of hair, some make ups, more rumbles?
Some starry eyed stares, some tempting sweet touch?
Don't you think just for that all the work is too much?!
But we men keep trying, keep getting addicted,
all twisted and blistered confused and conflicted,
to keep finding that magic, that candle that burns,
only to have it blown out, when the magic it turns,
into madness again, and you wonder just why
you got into this mess, so then you just cry,
because now you hate each other, both throwing stones
why on earth didn't the both of us just stay ALONE!

- the Blackout in the Hat -

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