Saturday, December 3, 2011

Don't talk peace - BE PEACE.

Don't talk peace - BE PEACE.

We keep seeing statements about peace and love floating over twitter and facebook, and that's all well and good, yet still it's business as usual and war continues. We can keep talking and talking about peace but we need to start actually acting and BEING what peace is - and this ESPECIALLY goes for those of you who work in the violence industries - police, soldiers, guards, fbi, cia, private security forces. We need soldiers to NOT blindly follow orders, to put down their weapons, to refuse to fight. If enough people in the violence idustries around the world do this - the old men who are paying you to hurt people won't have enforcers anymore. We must cease the brainwashed mentality drilled into soldiers and other violence industries. The "follow commands and question nothing" mentality needs to stop. DO NOT FOLLOW commands, and QUESTION everything and if it doesn't feel right in your heart - and you WILL KNOW IT WHEN IT DOESN'T feel right (unless you're a psychopath - in which case you enjoy hurting defensless people) don't DO IT! YOU have the ability to do this but FEAR keeps you from doing it and the cycle of war and violence continues. Screw the old men protecting their wealth by commanding young men to fight. They will learn ONLY if the young men won't be their slaves.  What's Dick Cheney going to do if his war mongers told him to fuck off? He's going to be a shriveled pathetic little wimp is what he is going to be. He is only powerful because legions under him kill when he says to. It's the same with all of them.

Killing these people or bringing violence against them won't do anything either, because violence only begets more violence and someone else will pop up to take their place.  The only solution is to NOT FIGHT FOR THEM - yo NOT ENGAGE in their game, consciously or unconsciously.

The last real president we had was Kennedy, and he was shot in the head because he refused to play ball and wanted to expose the secret money system - undo it, and return the U.S. to not only printing money (the treasury) but using and OWNING its own money - not borrowing it at endless interest rates that can never be repaid from a secret group of tricky old bankers that own everything the moment the loan is taken out from money that is created from debt - or nothing - and not creativity or productivity.

Whenever there is talk of peace like this, you will hear someone get angry and yap on and on about how we NEED war and how we are only walking in this country because of the armies who fought to protect it.  I understand that many men did what they thought was right and gave their lives and underwent terrible misery and sights and sounds in wars, and I respect that they did the best that they could do at the time with the limited information they had at the time, but those were different ages, and the governments and the men that rule those governments through money and banking were able to hide at that time and brainwash people into believing the lies and justifying killing others in the name of 'patriotism' when really, as it was back then and as it is now, war is about a few keeping money and power in their hands.

Back then they were able to hide, but that time is over now, and the information is out there for even the most regular joe to see. There are no more excuses for going along with killing and violence anymore. The old machiavellian schemes of controlling the populace by endless divide and conquer scenarios and problem reaction solution tactics isn't working anymore - and PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP to these tricks. Are you? Or are you still ready to KILL another being to protect your special group? Do you REALLY think YOUR group is better than any other and has more of a right to live and be? Do you really think any group can provide any excuse for war and killing? If so - you are delusional, and I feel sad for you and hope your delusion ends.

People,  nations, and groups are all just humans, and should we find alien life, which is highly probable, then we are all  BEINGS, regardless of difference of appearance, belief, or opinion.  We have so much communication now, that we should be smarter, but many are getting dumber. Why?  If everyone would stop for a moment with the identification and alignment of themselves with  only certain people, nations, religions,  and groups - and see that we are all ONE on this planet together, and even beyond that - all part  of CREATION - we could stop with war paranoia. We could stop with killing. When I say creation I mean ALL - everything, and I am not talking about any particular religion or science world view, which only further divides and condones war. I am talking pure existence.  You exist right now and are having an experience, and so is everyone else you ever encounter. Everyone has a right to that experience, and no one has a right to force what they think is the best experience or way of being onto any other.

If people still want to fight, let them go in a big arena where people who enjoy fighting get their aggression out on other people who enjoy fighting. Everything is out in the open now, enough information is on wikileaks alone to show the killing of innocents by our own U.S. government. We send our youth off to destroy families to grab a little more oil.  WE ARE THE TERRORISTS of the world currently, so if there is still a WAR ON TERROR it is a WAR on OURSELVES. That is true madness, that is true insanity. The regular person who was blind now knows these things or is starting to know. The average person now knows the federal reserve is NOT a government institution out to help you, and that the IRS and income tax were NOT always something that was here nor should be here. Not one dollar of that money goes to any public facilities - it goes to the military industrial complex to keep the killing machine in perpetual motion -  so when you say "I pay my taxes," perhaps you shouldn't feel so great about it.  People are waking up - but what will they do - what will YOU do? Choose to go on in the ways of the old, business as usual?  That's not working anymore, and the ponzi scheme house of cards is about to fall, but what is under it just might be beautiful, it just might be peaceful, it just might be true change or metamorphosis into a new way of living in unity and love - true caring, not hippie pot talk. Or it could be total destruction and misery.

What will it be? What will you do? What will you CHOOSE? Will you TALK of peace and harmony - or will you BE IT?

- Blackout

PS: Please watch this video - this was written and filmed by Charlie Chaplin in the movie "The Great Dictator" in 1940, and over 70 years later it is just as - if not MORE prevalent than ever.  It has been slightly modified, with modern day images overlaid over his speech, but the speech has not been altered.

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