Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Groups & Group Think or Herd & Hive Mentality

The only useful thing to come together into a group for is to help all the INDIVIDUALS of that group. The group is not a real thing. The individuals that make up the group are. The group ONLY derives its power from individuals. When you treat groups like individual living beings (which they are not) like how corporations are treated, you give power to something that can't think, has no conscience, morals, ideas, love, or concern for other real individual living beings because it isn't real. It's a conceptual zombie. It's funny how much trouble power imbued into non existent things like 'groups' cause. Religious groups, political groups, terrorist groups, racial groups, gang groups, financial groups, business groups, all waging war against other groups and individuals in the name of the group. It's endless. I'm not saying it isn't good to come together into a group for a cause or to brainstorm some ideas with other minds, that is very useful, but always REMEMBER what the group is - a bunch of INDIVIDUALS. So don't FIGHT for a group. We are all one - but we are not a group, we are all individual unique parts of one isness, god, chi, being, energy, or thrice great okapi - whatever you want to call it.

When you watch the news, the weather reporter says, "it snowed today," but no two snowflakes are ever exactly alike. The reporter should really say, "200 billion individual unique water crystals fell from the sky today!" But of course, maybe that's asking too much. The point is, the saying, "United we stand, divided we fall is great IF and ONLY IF the purpose of being united is for the protection and freedom of the INDIVIDUALS who are uniting - and only if they grant that same freedom to others who unite for the same purpose - understanding that all human beings are EQUAL. It's kind of a paradox because "United we stand, divided we fall," is actually a very terrible saying if the one saying it is a dictator coming at you with his army, and he wants you to be united to HIS ideas.