Thursday, September 1, 2011

A word on Free Masons

I am not a mason, but I have friends who are and I have done my share of researching and understanding what it is based on (good original intentions based on lofty spiritual ideas) that I believe have been infiltrated, with the infiltration's intention of installing more global control and power in the hands of a few for a one world government dominated by force. At the highest levels this is what appears to be going on at least from all the research and evidence I have been able to ascertain.  I am not for this at all, and if you look at my website you will see sections on financial awareness, spiritual awareness, and health awareness that help people be more aware and not sheeple.

However, you can't call free masons evil just like you can't call any one group of anything evil.  I think, like many secret orders that tried to teach hermetic and ancient traditions through gnosis , the highest levels were infiltrated and since the order is so compartmentalized and secret, the sincere good free masons would have no idea and consider all negative talk about their organization an attack, and from their perspective, they would be correct.  We all view the world from our projection of it. 

Basically all entities polarize at some point into believing we are all one and connected, or separate and I better look out for only me - survival of the fittest.  There is a third camp that does believe we are all one, but that that one must be controlled through power an might alone - hence he sees the other selves as being weaker and needed to be enslaved or controlled, along the lines of demonology hierarchic rule. The world is currently being run by the negative second camp who believes they are absolutely correct and just in what they are doing and that if they weren't they wouldn't be at the top of the pyramid - but the world is waking up and hierarchic structures times and darkness are coming to an end.  The individual must awaken though.... no shouting, fighting, trolling, insults... attacks.. are going to do anything but fuel the weakest most trivial parts of your being.

Ideal society arises ONLY from the individual, who may inspire by example but must be immune to the uninspired, and be willing to suffer the consequences of his determination to the very end.

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