Friday, September 2, 2011


(I made this impromptu rap today.. you may need to mouth beat box)

Cheese is the holy of the liquid goo,
that comes from a cow but isn't piss or poo
it's titty milk baby like your mama gave to you
but fomented and cemented into something new!
How is it, I ask that there's so much cheese,
when there's only one cow how'd they make all these?
Ok motherfucker there is goat cheese too,
but a cow plus a goat still only equals 2
and there's so many more than just 2 cheeses
there's a fucking million of them and the count just increases
I ain't talking kraft and that velvetta crap
gimme hard core cheddar yeah that's where it's at!
or maybe baby swiss, if I'm feeling holy
or some crumbled blue cheese when I'm old and moldy
it's a sickness it's a craze it's an addiction disease!
I just have to admit,
I like cheese.

- Blackout

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