Saturday, September 10, 2011

God VS Science. The old Science / Spirit / Religion / God debate down to basics. PHILOSOPHY FOR IDIOTS 101

Science has become a religion and religion has tried to act as science.

Both are ridiculous when approached this way. Spirituality and science can and should mix. The challenge lies in chucking religion out the window and realizing science has become the new religion and just as dogmatic.  Rule #1 spirit does not = religion or some ghostly concept. Rule #2 - there are no rules, only observations and experiences.

When science gets right down to it they still observe experiences and then name things laws or forces while still having NO idea about the origin or source or the 'WHY' of the happening force or observation. To mess this up even more, and is known that the very act of observing an experiment taints it's outcome.  So, they still try, and they start making a lot of names on things they have observed like "the law or force of blank".

They call it the force of gravity or spin or magnetism or 'nature' but these are just words.. not understanding.  Not one scientist still has any idea true explanation WHY magnetism has a force or WHAT let alone that force actually IS except a bunch of legos (well they call it various different names but I'll use legos as a material equivalent to any particle of physical matter for simplicity) causes the force of gravity or why atoms spin around a nucleus or disperse into a wave (everywhere at once - which is of course impossoble but happens) or WHY the speed of light is what it is - they call it the laws or forces of physics or 'the law' of nature.  They sure like that LAW word a whole lot, but they might as well call it the laws or forces of the great Okapi of planet turtle or the enforcement of the grand Rainbow Chimera of Poonah.  There is no consistent origin ever found, only endless theories of observed machinations usually based on matter alone - and many scientific studies have found that there is an energy that appears to NOT be matter.  This freaks them out and then they have to make even more incredibly insane theory to account for this unaccountable stuff in what they consider a very accountable 'real' profession and 'real' world so they call this other stuff that doesn't work in their equations weird names like "the dark force," or "dark matter,"   yet they make fun of people who believe in spirit? What? Are you kidding me? Although some scientists are starting to finally come around.  Now you scientists out there - let me not make you get your boxing gloves out.  There are certainly great uses for science and it has discovered a great many things - but it has not MADE those things - those things were always here. Science didn't CREATE radio. Radio waves were doing their thing flickering about without are awareness before science stumbled on them.

Science claims to be real, based on FACT, but 90% of science uses something called 'imaginary' numbers.
Seems a little ironic? Don't ya think? A little contradictory?

So science is NOT much different than religion in at least THAT respect and this is not an essay to rank on science but it is just an eye opener that science can and does act as blinded and ridiculous and dogmatic as religion. This is easily proven by looking at the history of science.  Just as many people have been killed for challenging science as have been killed for challenging church, or a a religion. Don't get me wrong here, I think religion is a huge pile of crock too.  I propose spirit to be able to be religion-less.  The word spirit gets a very bad rap as does the word God so let's call it beingness or ISness.

When you come right down to it - despite all the various and infinite complexity we see around us and experience, a lot of us really want to know just what the fuck is going on here anyway? Many people have devoted their whole lives to this.  Most people find it gives them too much of a headache and would rather go shopping.   Well here it is, I'm gonna lay it out.  I'm not supposed to do this because of some secret code or something or other but fuck it - it comes down to this:

There IS, or THERE is NOT.

Since you are here reading this, you are having an experience, we therefor have proof that there is IS.

You may be thinking of that old philosophical quote from our good buddy Descartes: "I think therefore I am." but I propose it gets even simply. I AM. Nope.. wait.. evene simpler than that.

AM is.

Something, whatever quality or words or concepts or debates or structures, labels or proofs or fighting or skewed things we may throw on to what this is IS does NOT MATTER!

Is IS!  YOU ARE HAVING AN EXPERIENCE NOW... controlled or free or somewhere in between - it matters not. The fact of the matter (or the consciousness) is that you are having an experience and exist in the sense of this experience and this CAN NOT BE DEBATED! Debating it simply proves it further!

Even if you are a computer program - even if you are a construct of some sort created by another entity - it does not matter - YOU EXIST.. IS... IS.  The other entity would have to be in part you, or constructed by yet another entity, ad infinitum, and all entities involved would have to be having an experience in order to create an 'artificial' experience for you.  There is no escaping this point.

Getting past this simple point, there are basically two main camps of thought or ways to look at things after you get the above:


The IS that exists is MATTER and it's like legos and we evolved from chemicals and rocks randomly banging around, but there are all sorts of issues with this perspective such as why are the material things here in the first place unless they always were here and if they always were here then why would they suddenly start banging about or exploding and mixing unless they always were doing that so you always go chasing down a rabbit hole of some prime first causer or mover of things and then the question again comes well where did this prime first mover or causer come from - what caused he/she/it to begin - so no matter how you slice it, whether you are chemical goop or not you always were here and we get back to the same old is IS!  Why do we need the secondary creation of the isness banging around from a causer of goop mixture to create consciousness? This is a big doozy... the rocks and molecules and chemicals and legos and quarks and atoms and stuffezes or whatever name we want to give them combined randomly to somehow form a SECONDARY state of consciousness and holy crap... even though IS IS, you someone how formed by mistake and secondary to this IS and have this one life to experience this... massive.... accident.  Thank god I'm a scientist to know this.  This actually makes very little sense when you really think about it, so let's look at door number two.

2: All that there is is consciousness.  This makes SO much more sense. If Occam's razor applies than wow are we getting a better shave here. ALL that there is is.... IS - is IS EXPERIENCE, is is THOUGHT. Is IS consciousness!  We already proved it by the fact that you are having an experience right now that can not be disproved in any way shape or form, so why go through all the extra secondary loops of viewpoint #1?  Materialist things that we gave all the above names are projections of this thought, this experience, this energy or ISness, infinitely playing with itself.. dreaming itself, separating from itself and connecting back into itself in different ISness, in different thoughts.  MATTER as we would call it, is just equivalent to a dense dream... a dream that SEEMS more persistent than our nightly dreams, even though it most likely IS no different.  Think about it.  Sure, right now you say, my computer is real, my pen is real.  I can't walk though my table just by willing so... I can't make my pen go through my table.  But if you could change the rate of vibration - you COULD! This has been proven.  Think of it this way.  Most people will say you can't walk on water, only Jesus could do that, but when is the one time you CAN walk on water? When it's ICE.  ICE is still water, it's just at a denser or slower vibration. How do we know Jesus didn't just walk on ice? Also, you can't walk through ice, but if you change it vibration to a higher one, in essence transmuting it's form by melting it, you can now get through it.  Start to look at everything this way and play with the idea.

When you are asleep at night and dreaming, in your dream you think many things are real too, until you wake up, or even better, become AWARE within your dream - into what is called a lucid dream.  So it's not so much that science is all wrong, I think science is starting to come into the realm of being able to detect and measure spirit and consciousness, and I think in the near future to think you don't have a soul, spirit, or some energy form that is a continuity of consciousness and has direct effect on the world around you will be just as silly as us now thinking the world is flat or that the earth is the center of the color system.  

The funny thing is - both these viewpoints are really the same, it's just that the second one offers the ability of a wider view and makes MUCH more sense and allows you to consider your infinite nature and ditch the issue of "IS there God and if so where is he/her/it?"  God is not outside, nor inside, but ALLside! There is NOTHING that is NOT God. God is not a bearded white, black, yellow, or purple man with a beard, unless you really want it to be - your thought and energy into that belief system will probably make it so for you.

This is why the God word has been so tainted that is just causes too much trouble and freaks people out so let's just say there is nothing that is not IS!  Try and imagine it... the lack of is... - you can't! You probably picture a blackness or a void or an empty space in a bowl or something like that, but that IS something - that is not nothing! In truth, you do not have the cpacity to imagine nothing because there only is IS! Nothings are  like placeholder blips like binary code to form more diverse complexities of the only thing there is - the IS - and endless creative infinite spiral of never ending experience.

You exist, you always have existed, you always will exist - however your experience may change, however your form may change, however your dream may change. You are given so much freedom in the existence, that you are allowed to believe that you don't exist or are controlled by some other being that is superior to you when in fact it would be impossible to not be a part of this being if this was the case.

You are IS, you ARE AM.

AM AM AM. Therefore HAVE FUN!

All is all. You get to see the rest of you through having the illusion of the separate you and the wonderful dreams and terrible nightmares that come from this duality, until it is recognized and the veil is lifted.

Enjoy! And here, have a cookie!

- Blackout

Monday, September 5, 2011

Isn't just being beautiful? 
Tell AM what AM think?

Friday, September 2, 2011


(I made this impromptu rap today.. you may need to mouth beat box)

Cheese is the holy of the liquid goo,
that comes from a cow but isn't piss or poo
it's titty milk baby like your mama gave to you
but fomented and cemented into something new!
How is it, I ask that there's so much cheese,
when there's only one cow how'd they make all these?
Ok motherfucker there is goat cheese too,
but a cow plus a goat still only equals 2
and there's so many more than just 2 cheeses
there's a fucking million of them and the count just increases
I ain't talking kraft and that velvetta crap
gimme hard core cheddar yeah that's where it's at!
or maybe baby swiss, if I'm feeling holy
or some crumbled blue cheese when I'm old and moldy
it's a sickness it's a craze it's an addiction disease!
I just have to admit,
I like cheese.

- Blackout

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A word on Free Masons

I am not a mason, but I have friends who are and I have done my share of researching and understanding what it is based on (good original intentions based on lofty spiritual ideas) that I believe have been infiltrated, with the infiltration's intention of installing more global control and power in the hands of a few for a one world government dominated by force. At the highest levels this is what appears to be going on at least from all the research and evidence I have been able to ascertain.  I am not for this at all, and if you look at my website you will see sections on financial awareness, spiritual awareness, and health awareness that help people be more aware and not sheeple.

However, you can't call free masons evil just like you can't call any one group of anything evil.  I think, like many secret orders that tried to teach hermetic and ancient traditions through gnosis , the highest levels were infiltrated and since the order is so compartmentalized and secret, the sincere good free masons would have no idea and consider all negative talk about their organization an attack, and from their perspective, they would be correct.  We all view the world from our projection of it. 

Basically all entities polarize at some point into believing we are all one and connected, or separate and I better look out for only me - survival of the fittest.  There is a third camp that does believe we are all one, but that that one must be controlled through power an might alone - hence he sees the other selves as being weaker and needed to be enslaved or controlled, along the lines of demonology hierarchic rule. The world is currently being run by the negative second camp who believes they are absolutely correct and just in what they are doing and that if they weren't they wouldn't be at the top of the pyramid - but the world is waking up and hierarchic structures times and darkness are coming to an end.  The individual must awaken though.... no shouting, fighting, trolling, insults... attacks.. are going to do anything but fuel the weakest most trivial parts of your being.

Ideal society arises ONLY from the individual, who may inspire by example but must be immune to the uninspired, and be willing to suffer the consequences of his determination to the very end.