Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The New World Order verses the Old World Odor

Not all secret societies are evil nor are all 'power elites' evil. Like anything else, there are polarized sides. There is a 'good' version of the New World Order where that order is freedom, peace, awareness, and enlightenment. These people want to see 'one world' together for good reasons and they don't want to FORCE it on anyone, nor could they, because the good version of the New World Order starts with YOU being in order of YOURSELF. When you are in ORDER of YOURSELF and you study YOURSELF in relation to your world and  vigorously apply guided self observation to 'step out of yourself and take a look at yourself,' only then will you be able to see what actually drives you, what actually motivates you, and Who You Truly Are.  Are your hands on the steering wheel of your life? Do you guide your own thoughts and use the love filled creative ones that serve you and others?  Are you guiding the direction of your own life intentionally and internally? Or are you randomly ricocheting off of others projections unto you, whether those projections be those of your parents, family, loved ones, friends, society, institutions, media, ect ect ad infinitum.

Let's just get this out of the way right now:  There IS the "New Word Order" that most people talk about, or that gets labeled "the NWO conspiracy'. It exists. It is real.  The evidence is there for those who will but look up from their Oscar and reality shows. It is planning and plotting as we speak.  It does not care about you, your opinions, your life, your friends, or you families. You are cattle to them. Let's get a little clairty and stop calling it "NEW" though because it is not new by any means shape or form.  It is very old, and it's been going on now for a long long time. The New World Order of the power mongers is that world order which is propagated up by the lonely empty void of materialism, its designers who pull the puppet strings, and its worshiper puppets also known as 'consumers' (ummm.. that would be you).  This is the world order where the order is taken and kept in place by fear, control, enslavement, brainwashing, torture, and genocide by the military industrial complex.  "Order out of Chaos" is the main theme of both 'good' and 'bad' groups of secret societies.  The bad ones want the order to be kept ONLY to them, and the good ones want to enlighten the world, but know that THAT doesn't work either, because individuals MUST ENLIGHTEN THEMSELVES.

Again, I must repeat - there is nothing 'NEW' about the NEW WORLD ORDER that you surely must have heard of by now, and most likely, you have one of these three views on:

VIEW #1 - That it is all hogwash and so completely unfeasible and impossible that such a HUGE secretive underground taking over of the world by taking control of the 'systems' that effect EVERYONE's lives could be true. (You'd be wrong. Systems are easy to take control of, especially when most are ignorant of how said systems really work.)

VIEW #2 - You believe it to be true but don't want to think about it as you think there is nothing or little you can do against something so vastly huge and well planned out.  "Hell, if they can kill Kennedy & Martin Luther King right out in the open when so many loved them, how can I possibly hold up! So let me go and watch American Idol while there is still some time left in the very little free time I do have in my frantic nervous life that is mostly filled with chasing the rapidly decreasing in value dollar bills that I desperately need to live...if I can even call this desperate running a life." (this ain't a great attitude about the whole thing either)

VIEW#3 - Not only do you KNOW about it, but you have been tracking it, and you're MAD AS HELL AND YOU'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!! You're TEETHING WITH ANGER AND HATE AT THESE BASTARDS!  You're no wimp!  You're no puss! You've got your bunker ready. You've got your canned and dry foods ready and a year's worth of bottled water as well as your own solar powered panels connected to an indoor hydroponic garden set up in an undisclosed rural area. You've sold off all your stocks and have gold bullion under the bed in a titanium safe in your secret fort.  You've purchased some unregistered weapons, took some marksman courses, and you're ready to die for your family, your friends, and your country.  If and when those United Nations or Fema troops start trying to march people into camps, not only are you NOT going, but you're going to take some of those motherfuckers out first!!!!  "VIVA LA FREEDOM!!!! DIE COCKROACHES!!!!!  SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!!!!!"

While a slightly more proactive approach, and I admire your balls to the wall attitude, as you can see. This option ends in failure as well.

It is a poor choice - because it is again based on FEAR, only this time fear that has been transformed into ANGER, and while anger is surely better than fear, because at least you got off your ASS and got moving, it is still REACTION based rather than creation based out of calm and careful observation, thought, and planned action.

But we'll get to that in a second.

Let's get back to this thing that should really just be called the OLD WORLD ORDER - or even more correctly, the OLD WORLD ODOR - because the whole thing stinks! So sayeth the Thrice Great Book of Stink (the only true bible of the ancients that tells it as it really was and is, and doesn't lie....ok.. well..for the most part it doesn't lie.....OK..Ok.. yeah...there are a few pages.. or..perhaps chapters..ok whole SECTIONS of the book that are questionable...ok...OK!..the whole BOOK is questionable but...wait let's get back to the discussion...)

I propose that there is another way, a non fearful way, dare I say an even a loving and compassionate way of dealing with this epic shift, and I don't mean that by using the word loving that you have to be a pacifist.  Far from it.  Before I talk about what I think is the way best to handle this predicament, lets talk about what I think you DON'T have to do:

You don't have to go into an underground bunker (unless you really want to play GI JOE and it sounds like fun to you because,  hey - I'm all about fun).  You don't have to stockpile weapons, not that there is anything wrong with owning a weapon if you want to, but you must realize that it isn't a permanent solution. It is a temporary band aide at best that will eventually loop back to the original issue.

Revenge NEVER works out.  It just doesn't. Let's go over a typical attacked, retaliate, counter retaliate revenge scenario for you to understand this:

They shoot your Dad for some reason.  You shoot their sons, but you miss one.  He vows to get revenge and shoots your wife, you, and then your children - but he misses one. That one grows up and vows to get even greater revenge and finds and captures not only your killer, but all his children, and tortures and kills their wives first in front of them and then shoots a few of THEIR kids too just for good measure.  He didn't count on the one forgotten evil retarded cousin though, who surfaces out of nowhere and finds not only your son, but the rest of HIS family, and dismembers your son while alive, and then tortures all your remaining  descendents and leaves cut off body parts and horse heads in your dead children's children's beds. Do you see that this ridiculous never ending ring a round the rosy of revenge is a looping train on the same circular track that never ever ends? Do you see how retarded it all is?
Our founding fathers were aware of the above scenario and so they didn't throw, "the right to bare arms" into our constitution's bill of rights at the #2 spot because they were high on cocaine like our buddy Scarface in the above video, or because they just 'loved' guns and violence that much.  Most of them abhorred violence, and they knew that guns are just another form of power by coercion through physical force (the threat of the bullet), and when you leave such a power by physical force ONLY in the hands of the power hungry psychopaths (i.e: usually those who are already in control of systems, resources, or those who WANT to be - i.e: politicians, huge corporations, & government), well then you are just ASKING for trouble, because it is a somewhat sad but fairly true fact that those who are the most fit to lead have no interest in leading or controlling others, as it is counter to their nature and they are far more interested in doing their own thing than in mucking about with other people's lives, and that those who are the least fit to lead are usually the ones who become societies' leaders because they ARE fascinated by messing around with other people's lives.  It gives them a rush. It makes them feel powerful and in control.  It seems ass backwards but it's true. Those who don't wish to lead others have the same power and control - but in a better direction - over themselves.  This is the area that needs to be focused on by individuals if they want to ever get rid of the stink of the old world odor, and tis a very very smelly stinky odor indeed.

Those who are least fit to lead become politicians because they had the most interest in leading and controlling others, and they enjoyed the manipulation game to get to the spot where they THINK they are leading - but then they get tapped on the shoulder by an even bigger power.  A power that not only wants and demands the control, but wants to remain behind the curtain while the politician puppets do their little dances for the public.

Never think for a moment though, that even THOSE people are sitting at the top of the food chain, because they're not. They are subject to the same laws of the universe as everyone else - and what 'goes around comes around'.  It is not anyone's job to CORRECT anyone else - but it IS their job to protect and correct themselves. The universe is doing just fine on its own. We're still here right?  You're reading this right now right? Fantastico! Shout glorious praise!

The founding father's knew about this loop de looop, and THAT's why the right to bare arms is the very second amendment of the Bill of Rights in America's Constitution - because should that controlling power get corrupt, which history so far has shown happens...ummm.. ALWAYS (hence the saying "absolute power corrupts absolutely"), then you are in for some REAL trouble if you don't at least have equal means of physical force protection for yourself in balance to the equation of corruption from the power hungry psychopaths.

As you can see - this lends itself to a continuous no win scenario. A zero sum game. It feeds constant paranoia and stockpiling on both sides of defense and offense, master and slave, owner, and worker, government and individual, military and civilian -  all these terms being polar opposites of the same thing - and history has shown us that it just leads to shitsville! Hence, the foul odor of the old world order odor!
The greatest minds of all time have pondered this issue and given it some serious THOUGHT and known that LOVE and respect of yourself and of your neighbor as your other self is the only way to true freedom and goodness in the world, but love is such a wishy washy word to so many people these days that it gets a very bad wrap and brings up visions of drug addicted hippies with bad hairdos holding flowers while on way too many drugs.  That's not love, that's just the 60s - which had a lot of love it, but it shouldn't be the defining image of it. LOVE is not passivity. LOVE is a powerful force - for it is the ultimate force that all things we know are made of and move in, of and through only with its power. Do you think a lightning bolt is wishy washy? Well guess what, a lightning bolt is love.  Do you think the intense force of gravity that holds you on this planet and holds entire solar systems together is wishy washy? Gravity is love.  Gravity doesn't need to smoke a joint and go, "wow.. that's deep brother."  Gravity is powerful love to. Want to test it?  Jump off the empire state bulding (without a parachute or bungee rope). Can you feel the love now? I'll bet you can! Love will smack you up! You don't need to only think of red hearts and little cherub cupid figures when you use the word love. Love is way more powerful a force than that, but you've got to USE the force Luke. Or at least so says Obi-Wan, and he seemed to fair well against the oppressive psycho Darth Vader, and even Vader eventually came back to the light / love side in the end.

So. I propose, firstly, that you CHUCK fear out the window.

There is nothing to FEAR about this old skeksis oligarchy or what 'THEY' are trying to do, because:

#1 - more FEAR out of you is exactly part of their plan, because FEAR leads to panic, panic leads to rash unthoughtful decisions and further manipulation by that which you FEAR. There's an old saying, "that which you FEAR, you bring NEAR."

#2 -'they' (with they being the Old World Odor Skesis Darth Hitler / Rockefeller types) succeeded a long time ago and they are just trying to fully lock the son of o' bitch down. Anyone who opens their EYES can clearly see that we have ALREADY BEEN LIVING in that ugly stinky version of world order (or again... I should say world odor...) for a very long time!  The 'New' in their version of the 'New World Order' REALLY should be translated to read "Our Finally Complete, Private, and Inescapable World Order, run BY us, for us, with you, those who we PICK, as our slaves.  That clears up the confusion a little bit.

However, once you open your eyes, you AWAKEN, and you are hypnotized no longer! You can breathe a great sigh of relief and actually inhale the non stinking air of the true NEW WORLD ORDER that is on its way.  An order where each member of the world is ILLUMINATED from WITHIN and not bouncing off other's projections of fear and scarcity. A world where each individual gives, not only takes, because people FREELY give when they are in tune with themselves and doing what they love. There is no need to TAKE anything from anyone when you realize that you have ALL OF CREATION inside of you and working with you in unison at all times.  You literally have trillions of cells in you that have even more trillions of their own little orbital systems within them and so on and so on ad infinitum - all of them humming and buzzing with energy... waiting for your command, waiting - for your CHOICE. The puny little 'evil power elite skeksis funky bunch would have NOTHING and NO POWER if the sheeple would stop FEARING them and WILLINGLY keep giving up their SOVEREIGNTY.  It's just that f-ing simple people.  They derive their power from their very cunning understanding of your complete lack of power by your submissiveness!  IF all beings STOP being in a trace like state of hypnotic submission, and instead become AWAKE & AWARE - then the madness ends! Since you can NOT control all beings, but only YOURSELF, then that is the only place where you can take action, and worrying about others who will not WAKE THEMSELVES UP FROM THEIR sleep is fruitless. You are right here right now reading this because YOU want to, not because I am forcing you.

Do you worry when you wiggle your fingers that perhaps it's not going to work and your foot is going to kick you in your ass? If you have any sense whatsoever the answer should be NO!  You trust in your own autonomy and sovereignty. You trust in that if you think of wiggling your fingers, your fingers are going to wiggle - even though you may not fully understand the insane complexities of HOW it all works.  So if you trust in wiggling your fingers the way you want them to wiggle, why not trust it in wiggling your life the way you want? I promise you, it works!

I know... I know, that for some of you total materialism types this is going to be too much for you. You need your FOX news.  You need your MEDICATION! You have a REAL CONDITION and I surely must be talking a lot of spacey new age mumbo jumbo nonsense, but I'm not asking you to take what I say as fact - only to consider it, and experiment with it in your own life and see what results you get.  You have to at least admit that even the best of once 'old school' materialist physics scientists are starting to see that materialism is a dead horse, and that THOUGHT and INTENTION EFFECTS REALITY, and that REALITY is based on FREQUENCY, VIBRATION, OUTLOOK, ATTENTION, and CHOICE of the one OBSERVING it.

CHOICE is the KEY word. The new world order that is coming will not be FORCED on anyone such as how the one that is currently in place IS. So which one do YOU wish to be in? YOU GET TO DECIDE! No one can decide for you.  Oh... here's a hint though... if you DON'T decide, you are allowing others to control and manipulate you by default, so you get the stinky OLD WORLD ODOR...by default.

DEFAULT always leads to DEFEAT. That's the way the old system is designed, because they know people are LAZY and SCARED. Think on it - if you don't show up to court, you lose by default, of you don't pay for something they say you defaulted on your loan and they take it back, even though they never really loaned you any money in the first place! But don't get me started on that - that's a whole other article for another blog. Let's stay on track here. When you don't choose, you default, and when you default, you have already been defeated, you have already given control of your life to some other hands by your CHOICE not to CHOOSE! This is a very important lesson if one wants to leave the road of sheeple and podlings and start the path into the endless glory that it is to be a self actualized and self determined sovereign human being!

One must learn to CHOOSE love and not feed hate and fear by DEFAULT.  If you don't choose, someone else chooses FOR YOU. If you do not take the reigns of your own life, then you will BE REIGNED by someone or some group who thinks they know what's best for you. Now that doesn't sound like much fun does it?  Then why is everyone doing it?  Easy - because it's EASY to let others do the choosing and it takes some effort to steer your own ship! Also - most people picked up a lot of very poor HABITS that your silly parents probably taught you thinking they were doing a good thing by telling you to always obey authority. God knows the media doesn't want you thinking for yourself or there wouldn't be all the opinion shows TELLING you how awful the world is and what to think and what to buy and WHO to FOLLOW, and then what drug to take to keep you from killing yourself because you feel so bad about everything that when you wake up each morning you want to blow your head off for living a complete BULLSHIT LIFE.

Scared little sheeple?  Good.  That's exactly how they like it so they can sell you some drugs.
Almost ALL the stuff you read about the Illuminati and the Freemasons and the 'power elite' and blah blah baaahh baahhh (sheep sound effects) is not about the good ones, but about the infiltrated perverse versions. The clutching old power mongers who as we speak are not trying to do anything NEW, but desperately trying to KEEP what is ALREADY IN PLACE going by whatever means possible! The only reason it is able to keep going is because most people REFUSE to THINK, take the reigns , and be the CREATORS of and responsible for their OWN LIVES! They RUFUSE to LEAD THEMSELVES and so they are easily lead around like SHEEP - and then they wonder how it can all be so BAAAAAHHHd! (get it?  BAHHHHd.. that's more sheeple humor)

The time of this stink fest is at its end. People (and even many sheeple) just can't hold their noses closed and their eyes shut much longer. They smell the stink and they see the ugliness for what it is, and they are ready to be done with it, and to choose beauty, and truth, and for GOD SAKES a better deodorant, and the old wolves are PANICKING about this like the last of a species that KNOWS it is going extinct. THEY CAN SENSE THAT THEIR TIME HERE IS UP AND THAT THEY ARE LOSING THEIR GRIP, and so they are pulling out all the stops and making their last moves to keep the old guard in charge. It's working to a degree, as most people live as sheeple and in fear, but that is the LAST tool the skeksis have, and even THAT is ending. People are TIRED of being scared. Tired of popping pills. Tired of endless wars that they know nothing about. People are waking up, and the old world odor KNOWS this, and this is what THEY FEAR.  They are the ones who are now experiencing the greatest fear that they tried to perpetuate on mankind (ain't karma a bitch?), or they wouldn't be DOING what they are DOING - acting like hunted animals, like desperate hoarding scavenger vultures - infighting amongst themselves as they try and store up and hoard all the world's reserves of every precious resource in vaults, buy up or repossess all the property and bankrupt everyone else like the end of a Monopoly game! I can just hear them... and they sound like Gollum from the Lord of the Rings: "My preciousssssnesss... MINE!!!! MY Precioussssss!!!!!!!"

It really is hilarious when you think about it. This old group of skeksis are starting to panic now just as most of the world has been PANICKING  BY DESIGN for so very very long!  They see that they are running out of ways to keep 'regular' people asleep, drain their life essence, and keep them as slaves like they did to the poor podling villagers in Jim Henson's "The Dark Crystal"

So what's it gonna be?  Are you going to let this nasty stinky bunch of old smelly skeksis from the OLD WORLD ODOR keep you in FEAR? Are you going to be a little slave sheeple PODLING for the rest of your life...staring like a zombie at the endless crap on TV until you look exactly like the drained soulless creature in the video above?  Or are you going to STEP UP into your birthright and give FEAR a boot to the head! Come on now my little beacons of light - TAKE YOUR INNER POWER, and OWN IT - for NONE of the designers, manipulators, or maintainers of that old dark (and quite smelly) system can STOP the NEW AWAKENING that is HAPPENING for ANYONE who WANTS IT. Not them, not their sons, not their son's sons, and not all the guns and bombs in the world can stop LIGHT - and I gotta tell ya, that's what you're made off.  Sure.. the skeksis may be able to shoot out one light bulb with a gun, but they can't shoot out the light of the SUN. It is time for the darkness to end, and for the OLD WORLD ODOR to be hit up with a can of RIGHT GUARD. The first candles have already been lit, the torches are being passed, the foul stinketh is being hit with some air freshener, and we my friends, are beyond the tilting point - and NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING, can stop the spread of LIGHT through this world for those who want it, but for those who don't, you may have your darkness and RFID implant chip if you so please, and you can continue wearing OLD SPICE, for the world loveth you so much, that it allow you to stinketh! So say the Thrice Great Book of Stink!

What's my name? Blackout, and by knowing my name, may you be in one NO LONGER.

Love, Light, LAUGHTER, Kindness, Creativity & Abundance ALL-ways,

- Blackout

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  5. We are all one, but we choose whether we experience a positive polarity or negative polarity based life. 51% forcus on one or the other tilts it.

    The universe is not equal light and dark.. the dark is always 49%. If it was true equal no further creation would occur and a null or void would wipe things. Sine the ONE is - when the one divides itself into many for perspective, postive based always wins out eventually because destructive based is illusion - the one can not remove itself from existence.

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