Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's who I AM.

It's my blessing. It's my curse.
It's my best. It's my worst.
And though you may not understand it,
don't you dare go reprimand it,
cause when you think you've got me pegged
I trip you up between your legs
so now you think I want your cookie
but I'm into psychic nookie
I don't play with playing girls
But I'll take you for a whirl
on my spiricomicoaster
you're the chicken in my roaster
and while you're busy trying to change me
trying to fix and rearrange me
I'll be laughing all the way
at all the little games you play
so bring it down a notch there sister
cause you can not trick a trickster
so let me say it once again
I'm who I AM I'm who I AM!

I'm who I AM I'm who I AM I'm who I AM!
and what you think of me I do not give a damn!
I'm who I AM I'm who I AM I'm who I AM!
Have you ever met a true authentic man?

You're still chasing dreams made up by Uncle Sam!
Nope. You do not want a true authentic man.

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