Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What can we learn from evil? Call them what you will. Supposedly EVIL people get stuff DONE!

What can the 'light' side learn from the 'dark side? What can the 'good' people who have no interest in running for office learn from our supposed 'evil' political leaders? Quite a lot! For instance...and I quote:
''We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality -- judiciously, as you will -- we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.''
This was not some new age crystal holding California beach bum oddball who had smoked a little too much weed. No my friends, this was one of President Bush's top aids and advisors, and this quote is from the New York Times, not "Spirit Today" magazine. So take that for what you will, you supposed 'realists'. You left wingers and right wingers need to realize that BOTH wings you have sided with are PROPS set up for you to side with, and BOTH wings and BOTH sides have scales on them, and the scales stinketh of a FOUL odor!

Like it or not, your country is being darkly led by people who not only follow, but USE TO THEIR ADVANTAGE occult and spiritual practices as well as physical and psychological warfare against not only their perceived enemies, but their OWN people - their own nation.  They use these things not for the good of all,  but for THEIR personal advantage and agenda, because they don't believe in ALL, they believe in THEM,  and as if that wasn't enough of a bitch slap to the face to wake you up, they blatantly think you are a draining spongy waste of energy soaking up THEIR resources!  BUT - WAIT.. WAIT.. there's more! On top of all this, they MOCK you publicly for not being aware of just how 'smart' they are, and how dumb and 'asleep' you are.  Their attitude is that you deserve whatever scraps are left at the table after they pillage it, because like a dog, you sit around wagging your tail and begging, all the while obeying them - the masters, who do the real work in the house. 

Don't believe me? Here's the New York Times article:


The above quote probably makes you get a little angered - as most people don't like to think of themselves as dogs, slaves, or sheep, but I have to say, while I do not agree with what they are doing or how they are going about it, I have to admire their gusto and I agree with their 'create your own reality'  philosophy ONE HUNDRED percent.  The difference between me and them is that I use this philosophy for GOOD in my own life and I wish to help others achieve such a state - while they feel there are limited resources and want to repress you so that you don't TAKE any of their 'stuff'.   "Myyyyyyy preciou$$$$$," they say! Lay off! They want to KILL a lot of you OFF because your are using up the 'stuff' of the world, and that's  their PRECIOU$$$, not yours! How dare you! Slave!

You can run around for ever like a chicken with its head cut off - confused and stir crazy as your mind goes through its loops trying to analyze everything and find out what's 'real' and what's 'true' for the rest of your life, endlessly in REACTIONARY mode, and just when you think you have figured it out - you get thrown off again because you are always following or reacting and never taking the wheel and driving to create your own truth.

Why not be the Emperor of your own life and not be ruled or reigned by these people who think of you as stupid cattle or sheep?. Are you not CONFIRMING their lowly idea of you by allowing yourself to be led to obviously stupid conclusions so easily? How do you break the chains? You stop bahhhhing like a sheep and you take the steering wheel of your vessel and you guide your own life towards good as YOU design it and your dreams. Everyone's dream isn't the same. Everyone isn't going to agree with you. Many will think that your dreams are crazy. Who cares? GET OVER IT! You must learn to simply not pay attention to others critiques unless they are helpful to you and get on with the business of CREATING YOUR OWN LIFE AS YOU SEE FIT. How can anyone else EVER really tell you what is best for you when they have NEVER had the experience of being you? The ONLY time the above rule does not stand is if your fantasy life consists of DOMINATING others or forcing YOUR will on others who do NOT wish to be imposed upon.  You may get away with it for a short time, but it will ALWAYS come back to you, and YOU will be dominated just in the same manner that you forced yourself unto others.

The Emperor of his own universe does not need to IMPOSE anything on anyone anyway, for the universe comes to his aid of its own accord, for the universe IS the non physical part of him. Such is the same with ALL beings.  There is nothing you are not a part of and there isn't anything that isn't partly you.  The life you experience is by your discernment of such.

Many many people thought Walt Disney was an egotistical prick nutjob - and maybe he was, but call him what you will - he got what he want DONE!  As fantastical and UNREALISTIC as it seamed, he STILL MADE IT HAPPEN! He told people, "I want a world named after me where ducks and mice and chipmunks hang out and talk to people in a fantasy land," and he FUCKING MADE IT HAPPEN! HE DID IT!  My hat goes off to this man!

I love Disney World despite the good or bad character who MADE it. I love his CREATION. Walt Disney may have been a sweet man and he may have been a nasty son of a bitch.  I don't care. I can never really KNOW as I can only read about him from a third person point of view that OTHERS have written.  Just as a MAP of Manhattan is NOT Manhattan, a BOOK about  Walt Disney is NOT Walt Disney. What I CAN experience FIRST HAND though is what his force of will created: the theme parks, the movies, the characters... these things all still stand long after he has moved on to somewhere else.  Creative will followed through goes a long way. A long long way.

Imagine if our country were led by men of great compassion with wills of such creative intensity! Imagine absolute CREATIVE WILL  moving towards love, liberty, and light by those who understood the same practices, principles, symbology, psychology, and spirituality that the current administration uses to separate, segregate, suppress, and manipulate.   Well, you don't have to imagine, you can just take a look at our founding fathers, the Constitution, and the ENTIRE reason the United States of America was CREATED for - to STOP such silliness and have each man pursue his own happiness freely.

You can have empathy without bringing yourself down to the level of the sufferer you empathize with. You can have compassion while still being happy and joyful and not feeling guilty because at this moment in time, someone else is not happy.

At all points of all time - in a dualistic world that allows all things and free will, different entities will be having different experiences that add to the WHOLE of creation. Always, some are having fantastic, joyous and ecstatic experiences, as the same time that some are having horrific, sorrowful, and despair filled experiences. YOU decide your state of mind. YOU decide how you interpret things,  At least you CAN decide once you realize that you have the ability! If anything has been shown throughout time, it is the pure triumphant power of the focused human spirit!

The examples are endless in both the dark and light directions. Choose which way. Which way do you want to go? If you don't act, you will be forever acted upon.

State of BEING or state of MIND always TRUIUMPHS over state of environment or state of state - EVERY TIME. ALWAYS. Being is eternal, even though it is eternally changing.  State is transient and illusionary. Your state is something that passes through your being and can be altered according to your awareness, your focus, and your will, and not vice versa. While the vocabulary may be confusing because one says things like, "a being passes through many states," in truth, the states simply pass through or are put on like costumes by the being.

Imagine. John Lennon had a point. Imagine. Imagine the state of mind you want to be in, and then be in that state.  Imagine the changes you want to see in the world, and then BE those changes.  Imagine the state of respect and love you want to see yourself treated with, and then treat yourself and all others with that state by BEING it.

What's that cheesy character of Ben Stiller always saying?

"Do it.  Do it."

- Blackout

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