Saturday, February 19, 2011

"You Are a Projector" by Blackout

You are a projector that is always projecting.
What you call "your life experience" is what is reflecting.
The more aware of this that you are,
the brighter your light and the greater your star.
Stars do not shine because they react.
They consciously create, they LEARN how to ACT.
Your projector 'light bulb' is what you'd call your heart,
shining onto the screen of your world and its parts.
While some other’s movies can be fun to share,
a living disaster no one wants to bear.
MAGIC is REAL, it's not hocus pocus,
but to see magic work, you must learn how to FOCUS.
So instead of reacting like an endless reflector,
BE who YOU are, both the STAR and DIRECTOR.
And should you not like, what you see on your screen,
change the script in your mind.
Start projecting YOUR dreams.

- Blackout

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