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Prince - Welcome 2 America 2011 concert tour NYC Madison Square Garden on 2-7-11 - Blackout's official review! Subtitled: Kunchichuokowi the Shaman really gets Welcomed 2 America

Prince stated after the end of his 1999 tour that he would NEVER perform the song 1999 again. It had something to do with a rights issue and him getting angry once again at Warner or somethingorother releasing a mix that he did not personally authorize. Well I happened to get tickets at the LAST minute to his "Welcome 2 America" tour show on its very last night at Madison Square Garden in NYC, Monday February 2nd 2011.  For numerologists out there, those are some NICE numbers: 2-7-11 translates into "powerful mastery" in numerology and low and behold did that apply in so many ways to this night. Not only that, but my last minute tickets were SPECTACULAR seats on the 2nd level to the front right of the stage. Obviously God and the Thrice Great Okapi had blessed me tonight. I was dressed in my usual over the TOP hat, cane, Blurpinkle(tm) wonderview(tm) goggles, scarves of many colors (one of which I traded for more tickets.. good thing I wear 10 of them at once in this cold city of hot creativity), leather pants with ultrashineglow(tm) technology, and a blurple shirt made from the feathers of my magical bird Buzleerious (the world's only Blurpinkle Bird). As if that wasn't enough magic to bring to this evening, Trumpet Dinopup was with me as well as a new friend I had just made on my travels through the jungles of the Amazon: Kunchichuokowi, head shaman of the Tsachila tribe.
Buzleerious - My Magical Talking Blurpinkle Bird

I arrived to Madison Square Garden extremely early, because I wanted to make sure that the magical chanting Kunchichulkowi, Buzleerious, and Trumpet Dinpup and I had done earlier to manifest the tickets had worked.  You never can tell with these scalpers if your white magic will hold, but I was fairly confident that my tickets were legit, but just to be sure, I went in first to check them out before bartering one to Kunchichulkowi in return for some sacramental brew. It turns out that I was so early that there was barely anyone in the place, and Prince spotted me while he was doing his sound check (THAT'S HOW AWESOMETASTIC MY SEATS WERE) and said something to the effect of "NOW that's a real HAT!" to which I replied in a very jest light hearted joking tone:

"Well of COURSE it is! Now listen you big little purple dude... and I say this with utmost humble respect and love: I want to hear some of the old school stuff INCLUDING 1999 because I bought CHAOS & DISORDER and you know....(pause) YOU KNOW that sucked and you even said you MADE IT SUCK ON PURPOSE to screw Warner Bros. but you screwed ME and MANY of your fans! While I admire your tenacity... And please don't take this wrong I love ya man I don't want to piss you of but... EMANCIPATION, when you were no longer under the slavery bonds was ummm... well.... I'm not gonna say anything negative but lets just say it wasn't quite the amazing shout of musical freedom I thought it would be. Ok I have to be honest I hated it (Prince's eyes shot open wide at this point) BUT WAIT.. WAIT.. WAIT hold on...come on now COME on... I don't even want to talk about that you way past the Jame of the year now, and we are at now now so I humbly and with utter respect BEG of you please... PLEASE PLAY 1999 for the love of God and all CREATION!"

Creation... creation.. creation....

It echoed off the walls of the still mostly empty but starting to fill up Madison Square Garden.

Prince stared at  me with a sort of stunned intensity and then rolled his eyes and made a wide eyed face as if he was going to kill me... I expected him to say "how dare you!" but then, much to my wonderful surprise and magical delight, he said, "only cause you are wearing that funky bad a$$ (he mumbled the cuss word apparently he doesn't cuss anymore) hat - I'm gonna open with it just for you. If a man with a hat like that and a dinosaur on one hand needs 1999 then I ain't gonna let ya down. Now get outta here and lemme finish ma sound check."

Kunchichuokowi enjoys his new pinkle scarf
That is EXACTLY what he said... or... I hallucinated the whole thing...  

No.. no.. that's definitely what he said. It felt trance like because he was actually just so matter of fact about it that I felt like I was in a dream like state, but I'm pretty sure the holy ayahuasca brew that I had drank from this head shaman of the Tsachila tribe earlier in the day had worn off by now - but one can never be sure... at least that is what Kunchichuokowi said to me of the concoction. There was a small possibility that I was not in fact in Madison Square Garden at all, but still in the Amazon jungle in a small bamboo hut, simply having a spiritual experience or perhaps astral projecting. Who's to say? Oh wait! Wait, yes, I had a camera, and took some moving pictures to prove to myself that this was all real, but what does the world 'real' mean anyway? Ahhh.. but I side track into philosophical rantings again... let me get back to the story at hand - our incredulistic mysticality of the evening - the Prince concert. Kunchichuokowi had never been to a Prince concert, let alone just a CONCERT before, at least not a concert as we Americans know it, and he was fond of all my Blupinkle(tm) stuff, especially the Pinkle(tm) part of Blurpinkle(tm) where as I am more of a blurple lover myself when I am not admiring the entire blurpinkle spectrum with hints of abalone. In any case, Kunchichuokowi had been eying one of my pinkle scarves for a long time, so since I owed him for the ayahuasca anyway, I gave it to him and a Prince ticket as a fair barter, and he was much rejoiced! We both looked just odd enough together to get into the concert and past security without any trouble, but then I, as is usual, got caught up in gazing at the incredible and mesmerizing spectacle of females that go to Prince concerts, women of such a higher standard, quality, and beauty than one ever sees gathered together in any one place (other than Utah, the only place in the world that has more hot women than a Prince concert or the Playboy Mansion, but that is another tale for another time) and so I got slightly distracted by a beautiful dark haired girl with green eyes so bright that they made sparkling emeralds look like old canned spinach in comparison.

"SU SU YO TSATSI!!!! BWaaackowwt!!! Bwaaaaaaaackowwwt! SU SU YO TSATSI!" shouted Kunchichuokowi at the top of his lungs. Loud enough that it snapped me out of the bedazzlement of Jade (a  fitting name for one with eyes as hers) who I had just given my card.  I'm not sure of the exact translation but I believe Kunchi was saying something to the effect of, "don't be so stoned stoned by the women you man of the sun Blackout." It's hard because it doesn't exactly literally translate, but I got the point.  We were here to see Prince, not get ensnared and bedazzled by scrumptious vixens, so we quickly found our most excellent seats - and that's when it all began, that's when Gnarls Barkley (a most talented powerful man of the light as well) was just introducing Prince, who pointed at me, said, "oh glad you made it back," and then counted 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.... and holy of all holies he actually started playing 1999!!! BY THE GREAT GLORIOUS LIGHT OF GOD! HE REALLY DID WHAT I ASKED FOR!!!

I was in such a pure state of utter joy, that the pure light of  THE ONE intelligent creative infinity shot right out of my heart chakra and filled the stadium with an orangey yellowy glow - which is a bit strange for me since my aura is usually blurple or pinkle or blurpinkle with outer shades of abalone. (I will stop with the annoying trademark TMs now sorry I didn't even realize I was doing that).

But I digress... back to the review:

Prince started playing 1999 which he had not done live in probably 10 years, and his band was a bit confused as you can see from the clip... they were not prepared to do 1999 let alone OPEN THE SHOW WITH IT! Watch the dancers scramble to pick a spot and then you can hear and see the blonde laughing because she forgot some of the words!

This was one of the most magical moments of my life! I am not a star chaser, for I consider us all to be our own stars and sources of power from the one God within, so I don't get star studded or name dropping bedazzled or hypnotized... as I AM an actor writer director talk show host plumber magician priest shaman zebra rider and okapi trainer / star myself.. so I KNOW how to be CHILL... but this... this was... well.. this was OUT DA HATHOUSE! It was simply AWESOMETASTIFABULISTAMAGICALISCIOUS WONDERMENT!!!!!! I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!!! I yelled! I cheered! I danced! I was ecstatic, and Kunchichuokowi, while not being able to speak English, said "Malu sona pe tsatsi!!!!" which in the his native language (Tsafiki) roughly translates to, "That's one feminine moon man!"

Yes, Kunchichuokowi loved America, he loved concerts, and he loved Prince or as he called him "One Feminine Moon Man" which is a great compliment and honor from his tribe. You see, in Kunchichuokowi's tribe, the more in touch with their feminine side that the males are, the more masculine they are considered, and hence the better women they get, so the men adorn themselves with great fabrics, bones, makeup, elaborate dyes, and sacred ornamental hand carved jewelry, so to Kunchichuokwi - Prince was a real man's man. How fitting was it that this was Kunchichuokowi's first time in America and his first concert, and the name of Prince's tour was "Welcome 2 America." There are certain times in your life when everything in your universe aligns just perfectly for you, and such was the case for us on this holy of holy nights. We truly were blessed.

Being so deep in utter trance and humble wonderment, it took me a moment to remember... why... I had a camera with me! I should be documenting this! I fumbled with it to take some stills and it just so happens that my camera is one of the fastest still cameras there is - it shoots 24 stills per second, which just so happens to be the same rate as 35mm motion picture cameras. It even records sound while it does this! Oh by the glorious light of God were Kunchichuokowi and I truly loved and blessed y the universe and all of the one  creation this night! You can see what I saw, through my eyes, again in this clip (PROTECTED BY FAIR USE LAW):

ALL HAIL THE THRICE GREAT OKAPI! What you are seeing there is actually 24 still frames per second put together in sequence very fast with the power of God to give the illusion of motion. This was not a video camera as video cameras were not allowed at the event but still cameras were, and blessed be, I have the fastest still camera there is!

Now I know.. you most likely think... "Blackout's kidding... he's making this up... or surely Kunchichuokowi must be Blackout's manservant Quan in disguise," but NO! I tell you this is what happened, and I have the very fast stills with vibratory sound to prove it!

Ask anyone else who went to the "Welcome 2 America" tour if One Feminine Moon Man (Prince) opened up the show with 1999 anywhere or on any tour in the last 10 years. NOPE. Never! Even the guy sitting next to me and Kunchichuokowi was surprised, and he had gone to several if not ALL of the shows!

"How did you get him to play that?" he asked, "do you have some magical power?"

"Yes," I replied, "such is the power of THE HAT!"

Kunchichuokowi was too busy dancing and flinging his new pinkle scarf around in glee to say much more. A man in bliss listening to One Feminine Moon Man belt out 1999 needs few words.

Just to further prove my point, and that this is not a tall tale, here is a copy of the official Welcome 2 America set list as reviewed and printed by Rolling Stone magazine:


The set list is: Laydown, Black Muse, The Beautiful Ones, Medley: Uptown / Raspberry Beret / Cream, Medley: Cool / Let’s Work, U Got The Look, Shhh, Angel (Sarah McLachlan cover), Nothing Compares 2 U, She’s Always In My Hair, If I Was Your Girlfriend, Insatiable, Scandalous, Adore, Purple Rain

Encore: Kiss, Sometimes It Snows In April, Diamonds And Pearls, Medley: All The Critics Love U In New York / Controversy / Sexy Dancer / Le Freak (Chic cover) / Housequake

Now sure - Prince (One Feminine Moon Man) changes it up all the time - he's known for that. No set list is ever set in stone with the big little purple one, but never did I expect him to actually listen to me and open with 1999, and not only that, but then follow up with Cream and the extended ultra LONG version of Purple Rain!!! (3rd song... the FULL extended version! That's usually the closer if he plays it at all!)

He also did some new stuff from his 2010 album and I have to say - this show rocked. Kunchichuokowi agreed. This was not only the funky playful good old Prince that we know and love - but a renewed and enlivened Prince! A Prince who, while still aware of his Prince-hood, had gotten over himself and his ego, and was in a vibe so good and so fun - that he finally merged with the audience rather than acting annoyed by them as he has sometimes done before.

Prince, Kunchichuokowi and I humbly thank you for getting over the image and the high and mightyness and getting back to the MUSIC being the most important thing. Thank you for this night, thank you for your talent, and thank you for the wonderful gifts you have brought to the world through your endless musical channeling. It was so ultrasoniculasuperior that I have to make up words like incredifunkadelajuice to describe it, and even that doesn't to it justice. Kunchichuokowi truly was welcomed 2 America like no other welcome could ever be. Thank you one feminine moon man he says, over and over again. It just sounds like a bunch of clicks and pops to me, but they are joyous clicks and pops. I looked over at Kunchichukowi and saw the glow of a content shaman. He had that 'look', as if he was reaching deep into the spiritual planes, and that's when synchronicity reared its amazing head yet AGAIN!!!:

NOW BEFORE YOU COME AFTER ME or this clip with your anti internet army - I have talked to my lawyer and also spoke with his sandwitch (not his lunch, but an old lady with a broom who lives in the desert and claims to know the ancient magic of zero point energy fields) and this is a COMPLETELY legal fair use SOUND BITE used for the purpose of this review that does not present a whole song or concert and is my right as a commenter to use in reviewing the show which I paid for.

Now some words on 'Copyright' from some legal people who charge me lots of money but this stuff can be looked up for free (Kunchichuokowi's tribe does not have things known as lawyers or copyright so I spared him this part):

Copyright is not a natural right but an artificial one. The government established it for sole purpose of to "promote the progress of science and useful arts" (U.S. Constitution). As an artificial law, and not a natural one, it is more limited. For example, I can't claim "fair use" or "the ends justify the means" if I kill someone, because life is a natural right. But copyright is an ARTIFICIAL right, and it should be given only as much power as needed to "promote the progress of science and the useful arts."

This video is simply a short clip which is used for the purpose of this review, and IS NOT hampering the progress of science or the useful arts. It is promoting them.

Nor is it causing the Artist formerly and again currently known as Prince (or One Feminine Moon Man to Kunchichuokowi) or his record label or anyone employed by him to lose ticket or record sales or revenue of any kind. It is in fact encouraging and promoting you to purchase a ticket to this FANTASTIC concert. Should you ever travel to Tsachila, you have an entire TRIBE that will pay to see your concert. They don;t really use anything known as money or currency though so you will have to be paid in make up or bone jewelry. Kunchichuokowi has already started to try and carve your symbol out of the tusk of a native bird skull, and he is constructing you a genuine Tsachili tribal keyboard:

He hopes you will enjoy it. Again I apologize but I must put this legal mumbo jumbo stuff here:

FAIR USE Copyright Notice: This is a REPORTING clip and is used by the FAIR USE policy for reporting / commenting on an event from the entertainment website Blackout.com. This is not a whole song nor whole concert recording nor is it for sale or profit nor will there be ANY ads allowed on it on any site or any media of any kind.. This was NOT done with a video camera but with a still photography camera taking 24 still frames per second and was allowed per terms of use in the purchase of my ticket and my reporting and Madison Square Garden's Policy which allows still cameras. Any attempt to take this down MUST prove in a court of law that this is not a fair use clip - which is impossible because it is, and I have done the legal research and have the legal representation to back it up. ANY AND ALL ATTEMPTS by any entity to take this down MUST have a COURT ORDER to do so and MUST prove that this clip is not fair use BEFORE removing it or it will be interpreted as an illegal violation and attack on my free speech protected by the first amendment of the United States of America and simply re-uploaded again on another server. My lawyers are just as good as the PURPLE one's, and I have a really big HAT!

"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

A NOTE ON THE NOTE: I LOVE Prince and think he is a talented artist and have bought all of his albums (some more than once) so this clip is a sound bite CLIP for use in conjunction with this written review ONLY and may not be reproduced or distributed without my specific permission as it was shot and written by me and I only grant that permission to Prince himself.

Again, I tell you - GO to the CONCERT in your town at ANY PRICE for the PRINCE. The ticket is WORTH it. This is the BEST concert he has EVER done since the European 'Sign O' the Times' tour.

Love, Light, Laughter, Kindness, Creativity, & Abundance for ALL Beings in ALL ways,

Your humble Servant,

Blackout (and Kunchichuokowi says hi)


1999 music and lyrics by Prince (C)1982
Review article and photography by Blackout (C)2011


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  3. It just might have been the ayahuasca... I just woke up in the jungle this morning with horrid bites in my leg from a snow leopard... and this is definitely NOT their native habitat... I would say that perhaps I didn't even GO to the concert and I dreamed it all if it weren't for the footage on my camera and the note from Prince...

  4. Fantabulous, almost like I was there myself.......I think I was.......
    7 is my favorite Prince song right now and
    I would die for u.
    Great review, tell Kunchichuokowi I said mooni-mooni-lub-lub. He'll understand.

  5. Holy smoly bigol of the souli! This rocked. I should know... I was there!


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