Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blackout's 12 Step Guide to Enlightenment, the Law of Attraction, Secret Societies, The New World Order of Baked Clams, Relationships, Creativity, Love, Laughter, Life, the Universe, and Everything!

Because I just love you wacky bunch that watch and listen and read my stuff, and because I am so appreciative of that and I get asked so many times, "hey Blackout, why are you so dag nabbit HAPPY all the time when the world is SO messed up!?" So to answer that as best I can - I now present to you my quick cliff notes version 12 step guide to enlightenment, the law of attraction, secret societies, the global elite, the new world order of baked clams, happiness, joy, creativity, laughter, love, life, the universe, and everything!!! WOOHOO! (blows kazoo and pulls a party popper). The basics of what you need to know to start yourself on a more aware path (and a HELL of a lot more fun one) are all here and they will either make A LOT of sense to you... or further and completely convince you beyond a shadow of doubt that I am firmly and fully off my rocker and absolutely insane! Both views are true and fine with me! 

Now pass me a baked clam and let's begin!

But let me crack my knuckles first, as even though this is the cliff notes version there's quite a bit to cover here, so I better get my Indiana Blackout Robert Jones Langdone adventurous game face on. Some of the more shall we say...dark sided Freemasons don't want you sheeple knowing or awakening to any of this stuff so they have buried it in a granite sealed time capsule in the Denver International airport that can only be operated and opened by a being who knows the master key code of the ancient ones:

CRAP! I entered the wrong password. They must have changed it again. It was "smellylizard" just three days ago. Damn - that shit burns! Eh.. I'll just hack into it later. Luckily I know most of the info already, so I don't need their cruddy fuddy duddy time capsule anyway.  I know most of the stuff personally from being a 42nd degree mason myself, but I'm one of the good ones, before they got infiltrated by the Illuminati and the shape shifting lizards and aliens, and since I dislike lizards, (I'm pretty down with the aliens though) I ditched the order and formed my own order because they were just getting all out of order and filled with disorders of the highest order.

They Watch - But I & my hat are always on top of them, and I Watch them Watch. So WATCH OUT!
Are ya still with me? Good!

If you are already an awake and aware person, this shouldn't be too shocking, and you probably already know a lot of this stuff, but you still might learn a thing or two about three or four different things - so keep reading, but if you have been walking through life in a trance, or as one of the sheeple people, now might be a good time to light up a joint if you have one or pour yourself a nice strong glass of scotch:, cause this might be a little shocking to you and may alter your reality tunnel just a wee bit to the left of what you're used to - your current trance.

Ready? GREAT! Allrighty... Heeeerrrre we go!:

#1 We are all one. You have your separate identity or ego just as a 'filter' so that the all can experience different aspects of itself - this would be called 'creation'

Example - if I hold a red pair of sunglasses between you and a white light, and asked you what color the sunglasses are, you would most likely answer 'red' as that is how they appear, and that is how we have all been taught (or programmed) to name that frequency or that vibration. So we say the glasses are 'red', but in truth, the glasses are every color BUT RED, and only the RED passes through - so that's why you see it. We are living in a word of inverse reflections of reflections, and filters of filters. The glasses are not holding on to the red but in fact discarding it or letting it through. The glasses ARE holding on to - or 'filtering' every other color, so in truth, the glasses are every other color but red, through which red is perceived by you as the red glasses because the red passes through.

Well, now look at yourself or another human being in the same way.  You look at your friend Nancy and go - "that is Nancy" but in truth, NANCY is a filter that is everything BUT Nancy - meaning, she is the entire universe then filtered through her ego / separate identity point of unique awareness - through which what you would call her individual personality or ego and point of view forms - which you perceive through your own filter of you.  Your unique identity and personality collects itself from its experience of the ALL like the filter of a cigarette collects the tar out of the tobacco.

#2 You have always existed, you will always exist. You ARE the UNIVERSE.

Your body is a vessel for the traveling driver that is your consciousness. Your awareness, your chi, your goo goo ga chew, your dao or tao, came into this vessel to know and play with itself in this goopy slower time space. It came, in essence, to create, to have fun, to express love, to know itself and its endless forms, powers, and abilities more so. As you better know yourself, so it better knows itself and ALL - for YOU are IT and IT is YOU - ITself and ALLself at the same time. Really and truly, what you think is a little tiny you in this big huge endless universe which is nested in other universes endlessly in all directions, well that you IS the universe. You ARE the universe! You are all of creation that has manifested itself as you as a point of reference to be able to even FEEL big or SMALL or ANYTHING at ALL, because without the ALL somehow manifesting into manyness or many POINTS of reference or perspectives - there is no experience of anything!  That's as real a definition of the word real that you can really get. YOU ARE HAVING AN EXPERIENCE, and that's all you can know for certain to be REAL. It can't be questioned, because the questioning validates and answers itself.  You must exist in order to question if you do. ALL can't know ALL or itself by just being ALL, it had to divide itself into little parts that could look at each other and even be able to ASK questions like that, or to be able to go, "hey! Look at me, look at you, look at us! Isn't this neat!?"

How did this first happen? No one really knows how the IS that always was and always WILL be started a division from ONEness into manyness or individual forms - but the above video which is an excerpt from "RA - The LAW OF ONE" is a VERY good start in understanding. There are many many writings on this subject and ALL secret societies and ancient mystery schools have reams of information on this most magical of mysteries.  If the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything is 42, and 42 = 6, and 6 is the number that symbolizes love, then what is the great question, and does there even need to be one. Do you really NEED a question to the answer of love? Not really. Love is the answer to the question of itself. I'll touch on this again in point #10

#3 The only absolute constant is change, and if you don't direct the change from within, you can get lost in fear and thrown about for a bit until you take the wheel and drive.

As your consciousness plays with knowing itself, it manifests things into form, so there is not a big 'God' with a white beard that made the birds and the bees, (except on mental planes where people really really believe it because what you imagine and believe in you create or manifest) so instead of one 'superior being' creating everything you must understand  that literally we all ARE the being in question, the being we search for - and so we all did it.  Everyone is already networked just like the internet is. Every thought you have contributes to the whole pool of all creation.  You might imagine some strange animal some day and it now exists in some area of a forest you have never seen, but eventually - you will. All creators eventually meet their creations. All dreamers eventually meet their dream. If your consciousness is the passenger in the vehicle that is your body, why not DRIVE?

#4 What you think is 'real,' IE. the chair you are sitting on now or the computer you are looking at, is no more real or less real than say - imagining a pink giraffe sitting right next to you playing your favorite tune on the kazoo.  It's all energy fields. It's all vibration.

The first scenario seems more 'real' to you because you are specifically attuned to the frequency or vibration of your senses here in this world and THIS time-space of particular vibration and frequency, but in essence, both scenarios are a form of holographic vibration happening in your head, your chi, your soul, your karma karma chameleon or whatever the hell you want to call it.  The word 'real' is a funny word that really has no meaning.  Example: right now there are about 10 million people talking in the air all around you in cell phone conversations, radio shows, tv shows and broadcasts, internet wifi signals.... infrared and ultraviolet and x-ray and radar spectrums and you are not seeing ANY of them or hearing ANY of them,  except this one right here right now - this sentence you have ATTUNED to through using your computer devices and your focus and commands to pick this specific little bit out of information RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW out of the insane infinity of information and vibration and things that are happening RIGHT NOW and RIGHT in FRONT of you, IN you, AROUND you, and THROUGHOUT you and your space RIGHT now that are oh so very very REAL my friend. - You are just not TUNED into them or attenuated to them. When you tune your radio into one station does that mean that all the other stations cease to exist? Of course not.   Science itself has proven that we only perceive a tiny tiny sliver of the infinite spectrum of the vibrations and frequencies and dimensions that are actually happening.  Well once you wrap your skullface around that, then it is not to hard to figure out that there are actual entities that exist in other vibrations and frequencies and dimensions that you yourself are not tuned into or attuned to right now.  Figure out how to tune, and you will see that they ARE very very real.  Trust me on that one, but you won't need to trust my word, you will KNOW for yourself when you attune yourself to these other vibrations, but I highly recommend that as the Beach Boys say, you make it good, good, good vibrations! There are certain frequencies, vibrations, or dimensions that you REALLY don't want to tune into, just as their are certain radio stations that you REALLY don't enjoy hearing! All the great masters know this and don't try to STOP what they don't like.  I don't like country music much but I am not going to go and try to blow up the local country music station, I just don't tune into it!

#5 The world is finally waking up and really starting to GET this stuff without labeling it as 'new age mumbo jumbo'.  Religion and government are losing power and younger people won't stand for it. Not just because they are 'young' and disrespectful and want to piss off their parents, but because they are realizing religion is antiquated, manipulative, and separating - not uniting, and government needs a good spanking and to be taken back from the bankers and the corporations and led again by the individual - and this is happening, whether or not the bankers like it.Wnhether or not the corporations like it.  Any government that thinks IT is more important than the individual is a LIE because it is only made up of individuals - even though collectively we are all one. In the same manner, any religion that tells you that IT is the TRUTH and that OTHERS are the LIE and that you are going to some bad place called __________ is simply and without a doubt complete and utter BS and mind control.  No offense to any religious folks out there, but it's time to wake up and smell the Okapi poop and the whiff is a strong earthy smell that will awaken you!  Religion has been the cause of more death and suffering in the world than any other factor known to man. Any person who looks upon another person or group as inferior to it is what is known as 'asleep' and is in for a rude awakening at one time or another as they evolve out of separateness and into seeing all other beings as equal and cared for and loved OTHER SELVES, not just OTHERS.  When you look on all of humanity as you do on your children or your parents or best friends or loved ones, you are starting to get it. 'Love thy neighbor as thyself' is one of the few useful tidbits out of the highly manipulated various holy books of the world that appears in almost all of them and yet is almost always contradicted by said 'followers' of said books by people spewing hate towards followers of other holy books and not theirs.  This caused me to write the Thrice Great Book of Stink - the last holy (and smelly) book you will ever need.  There is no secret impenetrable 'wall' or stuff that separates you from me, white from black, a janitor from the president, or any scale in between. There are simply consciousnesses which are parts of the ONE consciousness incarnating and manifesting itself infinitely into individual form at infinite vibrations, dimensions, and frequencies in order to learn and play and know itself from its own unique perspective with its OTHER-SELVES.

#6 What you put out is what you get back.  The universe is not only a mirror, but it IS you, and what you think about everyone else and everything else is what you will perceive in your world for it is your vibration and you will attract like vibrations.  This is known as the 'law of attraction' and has gotten very very popular in the last several years because of a great awakening that is happening and also because of stuff like 'The Secret' hitting world wide best seller lists - with many people running around quoting their copy of the book or movie.  Unfortunately - The Secret, while being a very good primer or level one eye opener to the 'law of attraction' is primarily based on 'money' and 'material stuff' which is just a sliver of what is going on where as the law of attraction affects EVERYTHING and EVERYONE and goes so far beyond materialism.   There is nothing wrong with materialism in and of itself but it is a shallow playground when it is your only playground.  There are basically only two ways you can look at life. One is that there is some absolute material physical stuff that just happened to magically bang and clank together in such a way as to make LIFE and us and everything, and even immaterial stuff such as AWARENESS and thought. I don't know about you, but I've smashed rocks together for hours and they never started talking... except for one time, but there were magic mushrooms involved so that doesn't count. The other way of thinking is that there IS only ONE thing - and that thing IS consciousness, and all the supposed 'material stuff'' IS that never ending consciousness just vibrating at different rate, and is constantly created by IT.  In other words, what you think about and look for, you find, because you yourself and the universe ARE mental - you ARE consciousness, you are thought itself.  This is what the classic song childhood song "Row Your Boat" tried to teach.  The lyrics are:

Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.

That's not a joke. That's really good practical advice!  There is definitely a flow or stream of life that gently moves you towards evolving and not dissolving. We've all heard the term, "go with the flow," but what exactly does that mean?  It means when you LIGHTEN up and stop taking life so seriously, but take it gently, and laugh about things, and keep light, and keep merry, THINGS ARE ALWAYS INCREDIBLY BETTER! Think of the word en-LIGHT-en-ment. Your load lightens.  You LIGHT up.  Your burden is removed.  You are free! You stop with the silly suffering and fear!  Why do people run around working at places they hate, struggling to make money when they never ever even learned what money is or what monetary theory is or who created it or who manipulates and controls it and how it all works? They do it because they are in a trance, the trance of culture and society that is created to keep people ASLEEP chasing bullshit consumer items that never bring true happiness, just more running and chasing for more crap that will break so that you have to buy more new crap later.

Now again - I love stuff. I love my toys, computers, gadgets, and games. I love my film making equipment. I love my home theater and I love that I am able to be on my computer communicating with so many people around the world at the speed of light! It's fantastic! There is nothing inherently evil about stuff as it's part of creation and we enjoy it, but I don't delude myself. I know that it's just stuff, and I won't exhaust my spiritual energy trying to beat the Joneses as they say. You should enjoy your stuff, but you should be detached from it and get that it is only stuff - it is only transient manifestations - while your BEING, your spirit, is everlasting.

Think on it. Do you remember every gift you got for you birthday 7 years ago? Do you even still have half of the things you got say.. two Christmases ago? Probably not. Do you remember your first kiss though? You bet you do. Do you remember your first love? You bet you do. Do you remember the most exciting day you ever had in your life? Was it more about the 'stuff' or was it more about the EXPERIENCE that you had, or an experience that the stuff helped you have. When you really look think about it - it's experiences and relationships that are important and lasting - not material stuff. Every object you have owned has fallen apart or been chucked for a new object, but you probably have a best friend that you'd never want to chuck for a new best friend. If you've ever been truly in love with someone you know that no material thing can ever compare with that incredible, ecstatic, connected feeling - so while the experience of say, driving a new blurple Lamborghini may be fun - if THAT is more important to you than marveling at a sunset or a really good friendship or lover, oh woe is you, for you are in for a universal bitch slap... you'll eventually be visited by something similar to what Scrooge experienced, but it will be on your own unique level and in a form YOU understand.

Now, on the other hand, you should be a solid, happy, and connected individual being on your own - meaning, when you enter into a relationship with another OTHER-SELF, you should enter into it because of the absolute JOY of it, and not because you are needy and lonely. There's nothing worse than two needy lonely desperate people drowning each other in a relationship where they both think they will DIE without the other. That's not a healthy relationship, that's more fear based crapola! There's nothing loving or romantic about desperate clutching and neediness, but there is exciting and thrilling endless exuberance in SHARING your life joy with another co-creator other-self on EQUAL terms. You LOVE sharing time with them and giving and receiving love with them, but you don't OWN them and they don't OWN you, and should things change and they or you need to walk away or go on a exasperated path, you respect that, thank them and the universe for the time spent, and let them go in freedom and in love, not desperation and despair or hate, jealousy, and envy. Sometimes, beings come together and sometimes beings part, and if you can't get a solid grip on that, you are in for some pain - but remember - YOU are the one causing the pain to YOU - not the other person whom you are blaming!

While we are talking about the subject of relationships - it is important to remember that the same thing goes for you. You may very well have some have some so called friends that you DO want to chuck - and if you feel that way - you SHOULD chuck the friendship, because that means they're not real friends to you and you're not real friends to them ANYWAY so who are you both kidding!? Don't prop up bull crap for appearances sake. Your heart knows the truth. Your heart can't be fooled. Only your mind can be fooled. If your mind listens to your heart, it always gets the correct answer, but if your heart listens to your mind, it can get befuddled and lost in a mess of mind chatter. Cut the dead weight of the space ship that is your mind, body and soul. If there are people that bring you down where you KNOW there isn't really a friendship there, just a pretense of one, then guilt or fear or 'obligation' (which is another form of guilt) is keeping you propping up a dead weight and it is not helping you, and it is not helping them. Ships without dead weight sail more easily through the ocean of the universe. Boats without dead weight row, row, row, waaaaayyy more gently down the stream, and far more merrily too!

So drop the dead weight in your life, just say, "love ya but not into your path - see ya later alligator," and move on! It will be good for the BOTH of you, and both your boats will float so much better, smoother, and faster without all the resistance that comes from dead weight.

Now that your boat is rowing so merrily down your stream, let's talk a little more about WHY it's so important to row MERRILY and not resistantly. The stream's gonna take you down it one way or the other cause the water is flowing, but YOU control what kind of a stream, what kind of boat, and how the sailing is.

Example to more clearly explain the law of attraction:

YOU are the universe and your inner state of being is ALWAYS more important than your outer circumstances or environment, because it is your inner state of being that dictates how you feel about said circumstances or environment.   A supposed dreary environment only can make you feel dreary if you let it.

Three people are walking down a city street.  The first person has just left the house of a fresh new love affair and is floating on top of the world, the second is neither happy nor sad, but just at a neutral vibration, and the third was just dumped by a lover, had his car repossessed, and been fired from his job and is about to be evicted.  He is in utter misery and despair.   As the three of them walk down the very same street, they see very different things that make them feel very different things.  The first person notices the roses on someone's windowsill and how beautiful the architecture of the old brick buildings is.  They see the way the sunlight of the golden hour of dusk is making the street glow in a lush vibrant indigo and gold.  They admire and think it is a wonderful, beautiful, quaint street and imagine the occupants inside must be having a nice life, and maybe it might be nice to live there.

The second person is untangling his ipod headphone cable, and doesn't even notice the street, the buildings, or anything else.  The fact that he is even walking without bumping into anything is amazing. He is in a trance and on auto pilot. "God damn how do these headphone cables always manage to tie themselves into a knot in my pocket?" he thinks.

The third person notices some liter on the street, and that the buildings are far too old, and grimey. "What a disgusting place to live... how filthy," he thinks. He sees a homeless person looking through some trash for bottles and thinks, "schlub... get a job," but then quickly remembers that he was just fired and wonders if it might soon be him looking through the trash for bottles too.  This sends him into an even deeper depression and misery spiral vibration and now not only does he not like this street, but he dislikes the world.

"This street is beautiful!"
"My iphone headphones suck. Where are we anyway?"
"This street, and this planet, and the whole human race is a shit hole."

These are the three perspectives of the three people walking down the very same street, and they are all true - from THEIR unique perspective. The street is not changing for them. They are changing the street.  So if you want to be the master of your universe, be aware that it is not the street or whatever surroundings you are in that are creating your moods and your perspectives, but it is your mood and perspectives that determine how you handle and feel in any environment. The state of your environment is trivial and tiny compared to your state of being. Change your mind, change your state of being, and you change the state of your environment.

It is equivalent to this experience, which we have all had - you get up in the morning, you go to the mirror, and blech! You don't like how you look.  Now... do you wait and wait and wait and stare at the mirror and wait for IT to change... for your REFLECTION to finally smile and comb its hair?  No! You wash your face, brush your teeth, and hopefully smile at yourself!  When YOU smile... and ONLY then - THEN the reflection smiles back at you! NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND which is how this world and most of its inhabitants have been operating - much to their folly and dismay!

#7 ALL, and I do mean ALL the secret society stuff connects to the above stuff.  Almost ALL secret societies were started out of very noble and good intentions to allow gnosis learning of the above information while protecting or shielding themselves and their members from persecution by religion, royalty, or government - which simply KILLED anyone who did not agree with it.  True enlightened masters ALL taught what I am talking about here, and what happened to them?  They were always attacked and killed or persecuted by some group or individual - but they did not fear, and they did not tremble, oh no, they stood their ground in peace, for they KNEW what they were. They KNEW death is but a doorway and nothing more and they KNEW that those who wished to kill them were just disconnected unawakened unenlightened other-selves.  What was it Jesus said... "forgive them, for they know not what they do."

#8 There are secret societies that want to see a united world WITHOUT religion for GOOD reasons. Our founding fathers were mostly these type of people.  You may think they were religious nuts because of all the "In God We Trust" stuff and God talk in a lot of history books and quotes from the founding fathers, but what most people don't understand is that this was in no way the Roman Catholic God or any specific religion's version of God.  In fact, most of our founding fathers WERE MASONS and had a mixture of different ideas on what the word God meant - mostly a supreme guidance or intelligence or being as YOU - the individual understood it.  They understood that God was something one found within, and not something to be told or dictated. Some founding fathers were deists, but almost ALL of them universally agreed that religion needed to be kept OUT of government and left up to the freedom of the individual. In fact, the only actual mention of religion in the Constitution is on one being able to have the freedom of having or not having it and the mention in Article 6, at the end of the third clause:

[N]o religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

There are also secret societies and brotherhoods that have been INFILTRATED by very negatively oriented or polarized beings. These are the ones that most likely are what you would call the 'global elite' and these are the one who believe that domination by enslavement is actually the best course of action. They believe that they are the pearls and that the average people are the swine, and should be cleansed from the earth. These are the ones who are pushing so hard for the scenario as depicted in the murals at the Denver International airport:

I won't go too far into this, but if you are interested you can go to my website and watch the videos in the spiritual, financial, and health awareness sections and they will bring you up to speed pretty fast if you are ready for it, and if you'd like you can PM me and I can point you to a good list of books and sources that tell the full tale and the true history of this planet and what's really going on behind the scenes that YOU can research for yourself for your OWN knowingness and come to your OWN conclusions. A fascinating book that is also available for free on the internet is called "RA -  The LAW OF ONE"

No one can be TOLD anything is TRUE.  That is why the secret societies and mystery schools formed - to teach initiates or 'adepts' through gnosis  - meaning through the adept putting the spiritual teaching into his or her own practice and finding out for him or herself what was true and what was not through their own experience, ot through someone telling them, "hey, this is how it is!"

In the Freemasons - God is known as "the great architect" and when you get to a high enough level of understanding though your own gnosis you are finally brought to the awareness that 'the great architect' is not a single entity that you are going to meet, shake hands, and get judged by, but that it is ALL OF US - FOR WE ARE ALL ONE.

#9 There are MANY MANY various VERSIONS and sub groups of Freemasonry and other secret societies that put different spins on the above information - and like anything else, many of them have polarized into negative and positive camps - for polarity is one of the laws of this specific frequency and space-time.  Male/Female, Yin/Yang, Light/Dark, Positive/Negative, Love/Hate are really just spectrums or extreme poles of the SAME thing.

There are Freemasons who do, yes, worship what is known as Lucifer, but before you freak out, understand that it gets even more bizarre than that.  They worship Lucifer because they believe Lucifer to be good and that the God of the OLD TESTAMENT who is called "Yahweh" is actually a very nasty, evil, and deceptive alien that wanted to keep humanity enslaved, and Lucifer wanted to free humanity.  They also do not believe that Lucifer and Satan are the same being.  Read the old testament and you'll see that Yahweh is not only not a very nice dude, but he acts like an insane psychotic spoiled brat 10 year old - hellbent on being 'king of the hill' and not letting anyone else knock him or let anyone get any attention but him.  A lot of people did NOT like the old testament one bit and so the folks who write holy books said, "we better change some of this stuff and make it nicer cause the fear crap isn't working as well as it used to," and so then you have the new testament, and all the wars and divisions from various groups who fight and kill each other over the meaning of  old books of words that are pretty much useless in today's context.

This is where all the intense Jew hating and antisemitism started. Hitler was a member of SEVERAL magical orders and secret societies, and unfortunately he turned towards the negative polarity or 'the dark side of the force' as good old George Lucas likes to call it.  Believe it or not Hitler really did think that he was doing GOOD for the world and that by ridding the world of the what he considered to be evil Jewish people (Zionists), who controlled the world by controlling all the banks and controlling money and interest on money - that by killing them he would free the world of their evil control and UNITE everyone under his GOOD control... and he got crazier and crazier and crazier. Every evil person who wants control thinks that they know best for everyone else. It's classic. You would think that someone would have bitch slapped this screaming ranting and raving psychopath but nope, he had a LOT of support from behind the scenes from MANY of the secret society brotherhoods that have access to endless amounts of moula.  But if the Jews controlled the moula, how did the secret societies get the moula? Oh how twisted the tale gets and how far down the rabbit hole one can go.  Remember that you can;t just keep lumping everyone into one big stereotype.  Is it possible that there were non Zionist Jewish people who wanted to see Zionist Jewish people wiped out? You betcha. Let's not go there, but let's just say that what happened was no mistake of people fooled by a power hungry man. That man was psychologically profiled and put there by other beings. It was by design. Design by who you ask? Design by the negative oriented and infiltrated secret societies. The secret societies even have a lot of infighting amongst themselves.  I don't have the space or time to go into it in great depth here, but a fascinating book on this subject and the subject of why war continues in general is "The Gods of Eden" by William Bramley. I highly suggest you check it out.

I will say this much though: You will NEVER beat EVIL or UNITE anything by STAMPING some other group OUT - because we are all ONE. EVEN if there is some horrific EVIL thing, it is part of the ALL - so you don't try and KILL it, you do not give it ANY focus and it will die out of its own accord and re-emerge into oneness on it's own or dissolve itself because HATE and FEAR are dis harmonizing and destructive and noninclusive, whereas LOVE is harmonizing and constructive and INCLUSIVE.  Even Hitler is part of the ALL or God if you want to use that word.  The word God really messes people up so I try to avoid it, but let me give another example:

If you lived in the Amazon jungle and one day you decide that mosquitoes are evil and that the world must be rid of them (as Hitler so decided with the Jewish people, and as many groups have decided about many other groups) well guess what, you are going to LOSE!  You don't try to get RID of what you DON'T LIKE. You MOVE to what you DO LIKE and focus on that. Put your focus and attention to what you love. Energy follows thought and manifests because energy is thought and thought is energy.  Get the hell out of the jungle if you don't like mosquitoes!  Don't run around like an idiot through the Amazon for the rest of your life with a mosquito swatter and a can of bug spray - you aints gonna wins!!!

#10 All you need is Love. Love is all you need. Imagine. The Beatles had it right, and so did every major avatar, teacher, and amazing enlightened being that ever walked upon this earth.  Love in infinite and joy is infinite and there is no ceiling to the amount of love you can give or receive. Repeat that as many times as you need until you literally FEEL the love. Also, if I may can I get a word up to my main man Gandhi,  and I quote from him: "Whenever I despair, I remember that the way of truth and love has always won. There may be tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they may seem invincible, but in the end, they always fail. Think of it: always. "

#11 I, Blackout, am AWESOME, and the MASTER of my universe, and I love it, I love all, I love me, and I love you. SO MOTE IT BE!  Just as I am master and center of my universe, so are you of yours, you just need but realize it.  There are no EXTRAS in the movie of this little thing called LIFE!  Realize that this world that you THINK is so real is just maya, just illusion guided by your THOUGHT and your LOVE.  The REAL world doesn't need the word real, it just needs your love and your focus on that which you love, for that is how creation creates - through love. When you focus on what you love you WIN every time and you help all the rest of creation every time because all of creation is one and individual at the same time, such is the paradox and mystery of being - so as the great Axel Rose would say, "USE YOUR ILLUSION," but I would add, "use your illusion with love!"

#12  See 1 through 11.. and oh yeah... DON'T PANIC!

Love, Light, Laughter, Kindness, Creativity & Abundance ALL-ways,

- Blackout -

Master High Low of the Middle Way Trickster - 42 Trifid Nebula
President of the Institute for the Advancement of Foolishness
Author of the all holy Thrice Great Book of Stink
Worshiper and Humble Servant of my Holy Master - His Lordship the Thrice Great Okapi


You have just been learndeded.
You're at NOW now.
When did you get there?
Just now!

Between every big bang and big crunch there's a Blackout, and that's me, and I'm no joke!



  1. If you are truly in an enlightened/conscious state does it really matter who you are with? If you are in that "bliss" place you have the choice of letting someone "bring you down" or not. Is there a level at which no other being...(no matter how miserable they are) does not effect you? Do you believe the beings that you clash with the most are the ones who have something to teach you about yourself? Not expecting answers, but your posts always inspire me to inquire in more depth and question my own stream....merrily, merrily, merrily..damn...(stupid beavers)!

  2. If you keep clashing, and no learning is occurring, you are wasting your energy. We need to know to turn our focus to what we love. Yes, if you are blissful enough, you would not BE ABLE to stay together with someone who you clash with, you would repel like opposite poles of magnets.

  3. But... to elaborate - If you are truly in an enlightened/conscious state then you should be calm no matter where you are. You could be in the middle of a slaughterhouse or Apocalypse with meteorites flying into people and blowing up buildings and you would remain peaceful or maybe even laugh and smile, because you would recognize the maya, the illusion, the game.

    Watch people playing Halo in the same room, they laugh when they blow each other up. This doesn't mean they are psychopaths - it means they know they are in a game. Most people in the earth DON'T know that and take everything far too seriously, and when you take things too seriously, you attract more serious things. Enlightenment doesn't mean you have to be a Jedi or Monk - it means exactly how it sounds. You lighten up!

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  5. Great work. I found this article that describes what enlightenment is. Do you agree with it?


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