Saturday, January 15, 2011

Three is the MAGIC Number!

Good day my students & teachers!

Shortly I shall begin some spiritual discourse, before I do, I would like to forewarn:

I shall be appearing to you in 3 forms because 3 is the MAGIC number, even though not being nearly as magical as 7, 7 not being nearly as masterful as 11, 11 not equaling 2 even though it has 2 1s, 2 not being nearly as accursed as 4, 4 not being nearly as free as 5, 5 not be nearly as loving as 6, 6 not being nearly as infinite as 8, 8 not being nearly as dominating as 9, 9 not being nearly as powerful as 1, 1 being the TRUE magic number because it is in reality the only number there ever was or is, yet it is nothing, yet it is not 0 and even yet still, it somehow magically appears as other numbers, especially a 3, 3 being the MAGIC number even though not as magical as 7... but wait.. I am repeating myself.


His High Low Spirit Medium Rare Magi of the Tricksters, and President of The Institute for the Advancement of Foolishness.

- - - Blackout - - -

PS: No, I did not skip 10, and I didn't even talk about 12, because it doesn't exist. It is a 3, 3 being the magic number!


  1. Trinity,???? are you getting all religious and shit? Is three magical in occultism and religiousity? Oh, yeah.....religiousity does come from Paganism, is paganism the same as occultism? It is definitely all silliness and silliness is funny. You rock the sillyosity.

  2. This has nothing to do with religion. Religion is Halloween for Spirit.


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