Friday, January 7, 2011

Anything is Possible - if I allow it, for I RULE! (If Serpentor from Cobra wrote for the NY Times)

Just go with me for a second here, and pretend the character 'Serpentor' from GI JOE comics is real, and that he writes a weekly column for the NEW YORK TIMES.

If you have never heard or don't know who Serpentor is, he is an evil combination of all of the the world's worst dictators and evil people throughout history. Destro and Baroness thought Cobra Commander was slacking and a bit of a puss, and so they figured they needed a more eviler-er leader - so they collected the DNA of the worl'ds greatest bad asses, mixed it up in a slushie cup, and birthed this man - wrapped up in a pretty gay green and yellow snake outfit.

Now if there is one thing you have to admire about so called 'evil' people, it is that they get shit done. They have TOTAL confidence and will blast the hell out of anything in their way. I'm not saying this is wrong or right, but Serpentor had a commanding 'can do' attitude, and I think people on the so called 'good' side need to adopt the same way of thinking.

If you need a primer on Serpentor before you read this article, should bring you up to speed.

So I now turn you over to Serpentor:

Greetings my humble servants, it is I, Serpentor, your ever commanding superior and all knowledgeable genius in all things. Normally, I do not have the patience to lower myself to your level of communication because I have more important things to do like ruling your feeble minded planet, but I enjoy writing with my superior intellect and command of a vocabulary you could only begin to imagine, so I shall spin some words of rulership to lead you - since you are all sheep! Not even, sheep perform a more useful function and do not make the pretense that they are smart. You are far, far, worse than sheep! Still, I shall lay something on you that should make your tiny minds burn and twist:

Anything is possible - you can do anything...


I ALLOW you too, for I RULE, and by the mere fact that I rule, and you don't rule, I therefor RULE you by default! I need not even have to try!

There has been a lot of high brow talk going on around here of what existence is, its structure and form (if it has any structure and form), and its meaning (if it HAS meaning), or if it is all just choas. From what I have been reading so far, you babies use and throw around terms from a language you supposedly created that you don't even begin to grasp!

First of all, choas is NOT randomness, however, randomness may be chaos, if I want it to be. Choke up your logic circuits with that for a moment as I bestow the smallist sliver of light onto your unenlightened, frozen up, and ignorant systems and souls:

I already know, and have known the answers to all of these questions for some time now.

You feeble minded neanderthals of this universe need to simply know that anything at all is possible, and that is your answer. It is so ultimately simple, that it is far too complex for you simple idiots - who thrive on the pretense of understanding and comprehending complexity when you cannot but begin (see footnote 1) and do not begin to even understand or comprehend the simple!

For instance, I am aware that I am perceived by you fools to be a fictitious cartoon character and action figure that stemmed from a line of toys and a cartoon television show called "GI JOE".

Does this fact make me any "less real" than you? Do you automatically resort to the most feeble minded postulate available to your lower level, fixed state, ignorant and barely functional brains:

That I am obviously another bored internet user who is simply being witty and posting under the themes, language, and background history of said character - Serpentor?

What if I were to tell you the opposite is the real truth - that I am actually a real life immortal entity who percieves all of you as cartoon characters and toys from my world view and perspective, that I am well aware I have created, and that my world and perspective is not only infinite, but infinitely ahead of yours!!!!? What would you say to that?!

How would you prove me wrong?

You wouldn't.

You wouldn't, because you can't. You're not even sure if YOU exist, and in all honesty, I am sorry to break this to you - but you don't. I created you, simply for one reason:

To RULE you.

Only those who RULE can really exist. Entities who do not RULE themselves are simply figments of other consciousnesses imagination. How can you exist if you don't control yourself? If you don't RULE... such as I do!

You are my toys, and I am having fun, and anything is possible...if... I allow it.

That is the truth. It is my truth, and since you can't rule the way I do, it is your sad truth as well, yet my infinite party! Such fun!

So keep giving yourselves headaches as you run around in fruitless dead end circles of limited logic that does not even begin to apply to the unlimited limitless levels that I am at and forever expanding from, and more importantly - RULING from, and I will keep on ruling you, my little little cartoons, my little sheeple people who gather at the steeple of those who must be ruled.

Oh how I wish I could show you, and I could, and one day I shall, but not now, because that would spoil everything, and I am having SO much fun. So very very much fun being more intelligent than you, but every once in a while, every few millennial passings.... I do long for at least some other intellect as powerful and ruling as mine... to give me some sport, to give me some challenge, top give me something more to RULE over!

But no such challenge appears. It is just you, thinking I am a cartoon, and thinking that is any different than you. We are both 'animated' beings. I have myself drawn to my liking, where as you just read someone else's script for yourselves you poor pathetic creatures!

So I will just keep ruling you for now.

Supremely further along in ultimate awareness than you could ever possibly comprehend or hope to aspire to within your little box,

Your Confident Ruler throughout Eternity and further even beyond that,


Usage Note: The idiomatic phrase cannot but has sometimes been criticized as a double negative, perhaps because it has been confused with can but. The but of cannot but, however, means “except,” as it does in phrases such as no one but, while the but of can but has the sense only, as it does in the sentence We had but a single bullet left. Both cannot but and can but are established as standard expressions. ·The construction cannot help is used with a present participle to roughly the same effect as cannot but in a sentence such as We cannot help admiring his courage. This construction usually implies that a person is unable to affect an outcome normally under his or her control. Thus, saying We could not help laughing at such a remark would imply that one could not suppress one's laughter. ·The construction cannot help but probably arose as a blend of cannot help and cannot but; it has the meaning of the first and the syntax of the second: We cannot help but admire his courage. The construction has sometimes been criticized as a redundancy, but it has been around for more than a century and appears in the writing of many distinguished authors. ·The expression cannot (or can't) seem to has occasionally been criticized as illogical, and so it is. Brian can't seem to get angry does not mean “Brian is incapable of appearing to get angry,” as its syntax would seem to dictate; rather, it means “Brian appears to be unable to get angry.” But the idiom serves a useful purpose, since the syntax of English does not allow a logical equivalent like Brian seems to cannot get angry; and the cannot seem to construction is so widely used that it would be pedantic to object to it.

I RULE! - Serpentor


  1. How better to learn than to let someone "rule" you for awhile? i learn much about the entity ruling and learn more about who i am as a unique entity by humbly being a shadow puppet for a while.


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