Monday, December 6, 2010

Why I know everything will be OKapi in the end, or, DON'T WORRY! BE WHO YOU ARE!

When I get down, distraught, or a little edgy in life, and I sometimes catch myself spinning in dizzy loops despite all I've learned...or is it remembered....or is it created?...shit I'm doing it again!


When I get into one of those loops. I look to one thing, that reminds me that it really all is OK. That all of everything is a fun, loving, creative joke.

That one thing is the wild Okapi.

Long ago kicked out of the Zebra club for being deemed too 'crazy' (and those Zebras are a wild bunch I can tell you), and no longer allowed to 'hang' with its Giraffe cousins, the wild Okapi tried to make friends with horses, lamas, and even kangaroos, but none would associate with them, even though they were all quite a bit curious.

The wild Okapi, which was sad at first, finally said, "chicchhh chew chew CLICCKKK chomp neeeeeeehhhh" which translates roughly into "fuck this bullshit, I love you all and I'm very grateful to be here, but I'm living my life on my terms."

So if things start to get a little frantic and you feel your inner peace starting to slip, rememebr it will all be OKapi, now, and forevermore. So says the THRICE GREAT OKAPI!


Love, Light, Laughter, Kindness, Creativity & Abundance for ALL ways Rules the Multi-verses of Creative Infinity Eternally,

Blackout / AKA Michael Biggins AKA many many others...

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