Sunday, December 26, 2010

Universal Spider

Universal Spider

Egad! You creep again!
So be it!
Bring your trials to me once again!
Spin your web of blackness ever thicker!
Sticky, filthy, vile thing.
I won't run this time.

I welcome your trap!
I wrap myself in your horrible strands!
You shall not fool me again!

This time, I shall make no attempt to untangle myself.
This time, I shall not scream.
This time, I shall not fear as my breath is blocked and you suffocate me!

Kill me you horrible thing! I welcome it!

Ah but you can't!

Your web is made out of my fear, of which there is no more.

So you have no hold, do you!?

Then I'm sure you won't mind...

* scrunch *

- Blackout -
- MB -

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