Monday, December 27, 2010

Do you have control of your life or is it all random chaos?

I think it's 'easier' to think life is a chaotic random mess of coincidences that you have only a little control over. I think that's an easy cop out of taking pure and total 100% responsibility for your life. I think that's why most people live lives of either quite desperation or half assed compromise, talking about what 'could of been' if they had only done such and such or been given a break.

Talk to any really successful, driven, talented person and you will find that it is not their intelligence, nor their 'luck' nor their 'station' in life - but it was their focus and belief system - their THOUGHTS and the absolute CHOICE - the DECISION to be WHO THEY ARE, that got them to make it.

Meaning, if you talk to Will Smith, he will say, "I was going to be a world famous actor, or I was going to get shot in the head by someone trying to stop me, and when I got shot in the head, I will reincarnate and keep going at it." He made a DECISION and once you make a DECISION and commit and believe in it absolutely it WILL happen and that is IT. Now - you can't always control the 'HOW' of it, as that is the workings of the entire networked and connected universe or what you would call the 'collective unconscious' or higher self or energy or God or the Thrice Great Okapi of Zanazulo. It doesn't matter - you focus on what you WANT not the how of it - you just keep taking steps towards and the HOW works itself out. I have proven this too myself and you WILL see me become world famous - I promise you that.

There are basically two ways to look at life: 1 - that there is a bunch of material 'stuff' or goop of which where it came from no one knows, that somehow 'magically' mixed together randomly and created what you would call your life or consciousness, or #2 - that all there is is consciousness or life, and IT is that CONSCIOUSNESS that creates everything that we deem solid and material. I am a #2 person. Science is now finding out that everything really is #2... they can't find the real 'stuff'. You think your couch is real.. your couch is a song.. it's vibration.. radio waves go through it like you would go through a pool. Imagine then, if there are 'beings' composed of radio waves.. complete intelligent beings. It's not a far stretch for in fact, that is what you are, but the other beings you hang out with are tuned into the same frequency as you, so you can 'feel' and 'see' and 'smell' and 'touch' each other and so you then call that 'real'. In real reality, the word real has no meaning whatsoever except 'an experience'.

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