Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I have decided 3D is not ready yet. I love it - but it does not work for EVERY movie and it is a distraction to narrative film making much of the time. Many movies do not benefit but suffer from the 3D effect. I was going to buy a 3D projector... because if you want 3D, you want it on a REALLY big screen or WTFITP (what the f is the point) but the projectors are all with different issues and standards and WAY pricey..... and it still is not so great there are flicker issues and the glasses all compete and no real standard is out yet or agreed upon and it's just not settled yet and while some stuff was 'neat' they all had issues and flickered. I then went through every major blu-ray and rgb led 3D tv out and was not happy with one of them either. Every one.. same issue.. some sort of weird flickering and not a rock solid steady stable image that looks 3D... I imagine you have to project 24p at at least 120 or 240 hz for 3D to work so you don't notice the glimmering shimmering flickering if you have a fast brain and acute eye motion artifact sensitivity like I do. I love the IDEA of 3D but it's just all over the place right now and not there yet in the home market... your money will be blown on a bleeding edge obsolete product if you buy now.I ended up getting an Epson PowerLite 8350 and it rocked the pants off every TV and projector I have seen costing 10 times as much. A solid solid HUGE ultra bright NON flickering NON rainbow (non DLP blech) amazingly rich and colorful 1920 x 1080p image with NO screen door or noticeable pixels even 3 feet away from a 14 foot screen! Nothing beats it right now. I got one for home and one for rentals to do film festivals.50,000 to 1 contrast 2000 lumens... amazing.