Thursday, April 2, 2009

What the fork? Who makes forks? Who designs the stuff we use everyday and where are they?

I have never met anyone who actually makes or designs any of the common things everyone uses and takes for granted every day, such as forks and knives, or just silverware in general. Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and gotten to the inevitable, "so, what do you do?" question (I hate that crap) and had the person who you were talking to say, "well, I design forks, and I'm really excited about it because we are really making some major strides in forking." 

Wait, don't answer that, let me answer for you. NO. You haven't. If you have, I really want to talk to you - twitter me at @BlackoutsBox immediately. 

So if none of us have met anyone who is a fork designer, then where the hell do they come from? Do they just grow out of the ground? Are they made in Honk Kong like everything else? But Chinese people don't even USE forks? Did all the great forkers get as far as they could with fork design many years ago, and they are all dead and we just keep using the same forks? Let's not even get into butter knives...!

I digress. I also apologize for digressing because people use that phrase way too much in their writing and I swore I wouldn't use it but now I have turned it into something clever so that makes it Ok.

What about toilet bowel seats? We all sit on these things at least once a day, if not many times a day (oh you poor females), yet do we ever stop and think that someone had to sit and blue print out your toilet bowel seat? Seriously. It staggers the mind to think about this stuff. 

So I am on a search to find people who actually design common stuff we use. Tables and chairs and furniture doesn't count because that is considered kinda artsy. No one considers a fork artsy...well except maybe for me and a few strange Germans. 

Stay Strange,

- Blackout



    One of many contemporary fork designers. The items you use every day (most of them, at any rate) have been around for centuries, yet are constantly being redesigned, reimagined, retooled and reworked for your pleasure and convenience.

  2. When ya find out who decided a fork should have 4 prong's let me kno plse.


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