Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ultimate truth may be a feedback loop. Have You REFLECTED on IT?

EYE would say I am at a point of observance and action that is both a point inside and outside of this diagram of a feedback loop. It has been my experience through vigilante attention to everything I have experienced that what I call me is more of a conscious sacred geometry loop spiral that sees the individual and what others call the one, God, love, all, chi, energy, being, the force, or a hundred zillion billion other labels or names that attempt to grab what is beyond language. Thought is faster than light and being and feeling are faster than that and less labyrinthine. Ultimate truth may be a connected feedback loop so big (or so small or apparently infinite depending on your level of awareness and self reflection of your experience and observations) between what we call physical and non physical or scientific and spiritual or temporary and pure being, that most individual beings get trapped in their own loop or other's loops without ever recognizing it for what it is - a multi faceted multidimensional CONSCIOUSNESS loop that raises in frequency as one raises one's own vibration - or remains the same vibration or frequency if one never looks. Who has time to take a look at such things with 'modern life' and all its trappings. Well... more beings than you think. Many have, and it is the seeker's, philosopher's, and shaman's choice and role to look at such things with as much clarity and honest pure loving intent and wisdom as their being possesses through the use of their will in both the self and perceived separate other (which is both unique and mirror of self). Some people don't ever want to observe themselves that deeply so they put all of their energy and being into what they think is outside of them or the 'real reality of materialism'. This can trap one for ages, lifetimes, or for what seems like eternity or perhaps even dissolution since it is a self built consciousness or awareness prison or paradise, but is it actually a trap if one chooses it - even if that choice was made unconscionably by a lack of will or desire to look at oneself with the highest amount of clarity, love, and care possible to learn what oneself is before blindly accepting the status or story being given to the individual by the culture, place, or time and then passing that story on without ever even really taking a look at it for what it is - someone else's tale? Do you want to be only a and b forever and blindly accept someone else's story or do you want to become more than a, b, or any label? Do you want to become truly aware and beyond labels? This is the question I ask you. What is your reply? - Blackout

EYE see U ! Do U see me? Do U see U?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Intelligent EYEfinity

Intelligent EYEfinity

I am
I am that that sees
I am beyond even that
I am creativity and I know that I exist
I am love
love is, and needs no explaining
love is faster than thought
thought is faster than light
light is fun when guided by love
love is better when guided by wisdom
light without love is just illusion
love without light still stands strong
this is why people close their eyes when they kiss
darkness can not ever stop love
nothing real can be threatened
you are always safe, and all threats are fears projected
follow your bliss, follow your innermost feelings,
shush the mind chatter and then think from the heart
nothing you dream of can be kept apart from you
unless you dream of violating someone else's free will
then you will meet karma
karma's a bitch
forgive yourself and other-selves and let karma go
and let others be what they will
your only task - and it should be no task at all - it should be fun - is to be you to the most authentic you you can be, at the pace that is right for you.
You will know it when you are doing it, because you will feel intense - JOY!
You will know when you are not doing it, because you will feel awful! Focus on the JOY, and you won't be led wrong.

Have fun!

- Blackout

High Low Magi of the Middle of the Side of the Great In-between and Keeper of the Thrice Holy Book of Stink


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bitcoins are awesome

Bitcoins. Oh so beautiful even though you can't see them. Yes. They are, and I am Blackout, run the site, this, and and am in the #bitcoin-otc chat as BlackoutsBox. Yes. Tis me you bitcoiners. All hail the THRICE GREAT OKAPI!

- Blackout

adocc asked me to do this... and something about a shoe on top of my head.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Super Abridged Cliff Notes Version of Lord of the Rings - Bored of the Rings

I'm not a fan of the Lord of the Rings in any way shape or form, and this always gets the fan boys on my ass because they expect me - being the weird magical hat wearing dude that I am, to automatically love it. I tried, I really did. I read the books in a master edition leather bound hard cover, but I would always fall asleep.  Same with the movies.  Lord of the Rings is BORING to me. Boring, boring, boring. I really wanted to love it, as I love fantasy & magical worlds, but I just don't, and like George Washington I cannot tell I lie and so I must chop down the overgrown cherry tree.  I hope the Hobbit movie is better because I loved the Hobbit as a book & thought it was infinitely superior as far as story structure goes.  The saying , "less is more," really applies in comparing the two.

So to save anyone who can't get through 1200+ pages or 13 hours of movie, I have written a slightly abridged version:

LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY - (Slightly Abridged Script)

Bilbo: Yo what's up cuz, hey, I found this really evil ring... makes me invisible and greedy and I know it's bad but power is so sexy ya know what I mean?

Frodo: Hmmm. I think I'm just gonna stick to smoking. I really am not looking to get into harder drugs or evil rings right now I'm just gonna hit the pipe. (Take a big ass toke, eyes roll back into head)

Gandalf: Yeah, throw that bitch out.

Frodo: Hey Gandalf, just because you have a cool hat you think you can tell me what to do?! Bilbo gimme that ring now I wanna try it.

(Gandalf rolls eyes and face palms)

(Endless hours later of linear bullshit on way to big trashcan to throw out ring. Fighting, in depth talks and little raps about cake, some bad guys in black on the horse from the Denver airport - some trippy trees and nice mountains and stuff, then a slimey drug dealing meth addict looking dude who wants a hit of the ring too)

Frodo: Yeah. Better throw this bitch out.

T H E   E N D

Monday, July 23, 2012

Where Filmmaker's Dreams Begin - "A Trip to the Moon"

Wow, I entirely fell in love with the film Hugo. I was expecting crap. I guess you have to be a bit of a film buff or a filmmaker to really appreciate it or it could be boring. For me it had a very special personal appeal because the first film I ever saw when I was most likely a toddler was my grandfather's old old original copy of "A Trip to the Moon" or "Le voyage dans la lune" as it was originally titled by actor / writer / director Georges Melies. Just like in the movie, I watched it on very old 8mm film played on my Grandfather's old projector and screen.

I remember being bedazzled thinking, "that is magic.... how do the magic people get to do that? I want to do things like that.. I want to be a magic person," and so the spell began, and still continues.

- Blackout

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Love is Universal - but your Path is Personal - Origin & Destiny

I not only believe in love , but I KNOW love. I am not going to go into a big discourse on what the word love means and the many types. Hopefully you already know.

Furthermore, I not only believe I exist, but I KNOW I exist, and that I will persist. Is this a Destiny Origin or Origin Destiny question? Perhaps. if you put Destiny first you say it's all predetermined and so you say you have no say. If you put Origin first, I would think this better - because even though an Origin may lead to Destiny, you can write you're own script and choose your path to your start - your new start. Every moment a miracle. You see your part as both Origin and Destiny as a free loving being in a feedback loop.  This gives value to your choices for they are yours and you need not justify them to anyone else as long as you do no harm to anyone else.

Many here think I am arguing against God. That I am just some occultist. I am not. Our definitions differ. I am not an atheist, nor an agnostic either, nor any any name given to any religion or group. If one must label me, call me a poetic jester.

I AM - yet I am not part of the I AM movement. I AM LOVE. I AM CREATIVITY. I AM THE CHOICES I MAKE. I AM SMALL, I AM BIG, I AM LIMITED, I AM UNLIMITED. I love for the sake of it, and create for the joy of it. I am creativity and I know that I exist and I take great joy in that and wish to share as much laughter and joy as I can, but by inspiration only, never force or coercion. 

I need no rule book or creed anymore to justify my inner experience or that tells others that THEY are wrong if they don't follow my way or some way or THE WAY - because I know the others are part of me and I part of them. I respect. I disrespect those who do not respect but I respect their right to do so as long as they do not infringe on others.

Love is not forced. I should not force myself or my will upon anyone nor should they on me. That causes fear. Love is not feared, or at least it should not be.  Love does not condemn something and scare it and say it's doing it in the name of love! Each entity that experiences being loves in its own unique way on it's own unique path and it comes down to live and let live or slavery and bondage which usually comes from lack of love wanting to fix its hate by control and power. 

Love has no value if forced - for that is the same as hate. Any law that excludes others and declares itself ABOVE all in some hierarchy form is poor human thinking - not love, not caring, not inclusive, but noninclusive, disrupting, disharmonious, and destructive.

Ultimately, paradoxes resolve and there is still contrast to create with, but not a being at war with it's own self.

Follow your heart. Be love, with wisdom and grace. Dream.

Love, Light, Laughter, Kindness, Creativity & Abundance for ALL - ALL-ways,

- Blackout

Sunday, June 24, 2012

What's In Your Food & Water? The NWO Globalist Chemical Company Slow Kill Agenda & Alex Jones

A lot of people think Alex Jones is a nut case because he rants with a lot of anger.  I don't agree that rage is the answer but sometimes it does get you moving. I want to make it clear that just because I post some pieces of his does not mean I agree with everything he says 100% or in the ways he goes about things. I post pieces from various sources of truth seekers ONLY after I have done the research myself. I don't believe in siding with any party or group label.  I don't 'follow' anyone. I believe in making my own best choices based on love, intelligence, wisdom, and respect. I may make mistakes, but I learn from those mistakes.

So that much being said, yes, ia posting n Alex Jones clip here because it gets out a lot of important information in a short period of time that then can be expanded upon by you doing your own research.

In one of the calmest and most concise pieces he has put together - he explains the damage done by globalists and courts allowing life to be patented and controlled by global companies like Monsanto. This is not nutso conspiracy talk. This is fact and is going on RIGHT NOW and has been going on for some time but it was mostly hidden..  This is a must watch for anyone who cares or wonders about these questions:

 Why so many people are getting sicker earlier and earlier with weird new diseases and why are fertility rates are going down down down. If technology, modern science and medicine is so good, why have the average lifespans of humans decreased and while diseases in both children and adults increased? Does that sound like scientific progress to you?

The unfortunate reality is that it makes a much better business model for big pharma to have a sick, slowly dying patient than a cured one. This is why no western medicines cure - they only treat symptoms, while usually introducing a whole slew of side effects that may be worse than the original disease or illness! We have all heard the lengthy and horrid side effect disclaimers at the end of supposed 'medicine' commercials with the list of side effects often including death.. yes.. DEATH is a side effect now!  But most people don't want to think about or confront this stuff. Most are too busy playing with gadgets if they are doing well with money or too busy trying to financially survive to care that they are being slowly dna gene manipulated by frankenfood and toxic water. Then they wonder why they get a heart attack or some weird disease at 35.

"That can't be possible? I'm young! They scream out!"

Well it IS possible, it IS happening, and it needs to be addressed.

Think of the spike in non fertile men & women and the child mental and focus problems we currently see. Accident? I say no and the evidence is there.

Watch Food Inc, King Corn, Tapped, The Beautiful Truth, or any of the hundreds of documentaries done on how Monsanto and other monolith global companies have taken control of the worlds food supply (and now they're going after the water). Then don't just blindly believe it - research it for yourself. There are good scientists who know about this and have done independent tests that conclusively prove how harmful GMO food is, and how harmful fluoride in drinking water is, and they HAVE been trying to warn us, but the media is owned unfortunately by mostly bad guys in bed with these companies  - so use the internet to research and pull up the real science while it's still here before it becomes a terrorist act to do so.

Wise up, and use your money wisely. Voting isn't going to do shit. Romney or Obama? That's like a choice between Cancer or Lou Gehrig's Disease  Vote with your money. Don't support products or companies that are damaging. Support local farmers, businesses, and people you trust. Know the source of your food and water, and get an affordable water filtration system that removes fluoride.

PS: This piece is not about 'alien' as in ufo stuff. If that is what you are thinking - it is about humans wanting to control other humans (which has been going on apparently forever on this planet) by patenting and OWNING life (which they have already won the patent for) and introducing alien combinations into the food and water supply fully knowing the damage it causes which increases with every generation. Even Monsanto will not eat their own food inside their company cafeterias. I know I am usually known to bring humor, levity, and laughter to people, and I shall continue to do that. I am sorry if stuff like this scares some of you and makes you want to put your head in the sand like and ostrich, but from KNOWING what is going on, only then can we can make healthy loving choices not only ourselves, but humanity as a whole - present and future generations. Many of you have children. If you don't do something now - out of LOVE, not out of fear, your children may not being able to have children. Educate yourself. We can overcome this. We can not look to our politicians to do it any longer. WE must BE our own politicians.

- Blackout